9 Creepy Feelings You’re Experiencing That Might Actually Be Explained By Anxiety

Hannah Burton/Bustle

Anxiety can feel undetectable because it's so hard to pin down. But if you're ever feeling like something is not-quite-right, there's a pretty good chance it's anxiety. Whether you're experiencing a feeling of uneasiness or a physical sensation you can't quite place, it's possible a symptom of anxiety is rearing its head.

Whether or not you have a diagnosable anxiety disorder, there's still a good chance you feel slightly, untraceably off from time to time. This is your body's natural response to fear. "Anxiety is first and foremost a fear response," licensed psychologist Giulia Suro, Ph.D., CEDS, tells Bustle. "Before our brains developed and became complex organs, the earliest humans experienced less than half a dozen emotions. One of them was anxiety ... This development was critical to promote survival. In extreme situations, this is known as the fight or flight response." Today, human brains still perceive threats, but often in much milder place.

You may not feel overtly anxious, but your body still has ways to tell you it's stressed. "Anxiety symptoms aren’t always obvious, and anxiety symptoms can 'whisper' to us, communicating their message through the vocabulary of discomfort," licensed clinical psychologist Alicia H Clark, PsyD, PLLC, tells Bustle. And some of these "whispers" come in the form of creepy sensations.

Here are nine creepy feelings you might be feeling that can actually be explained by anxiety, according to experts.