These 9 Disney Princes Were Actually Creepy AF

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While you were growing up, you probably became well-versed in Disney fairytale movies in which Prince Charming comes to save the day. But once you become a certain age, you begin to realize there were actually some creepy Disney princes. It's a reality that we have to face as adults — sometimes, Prince Charming isn't actually charming after all and it's a bit of a creeper. Unfortunately, some of those creepy princes exist in the Disney prince world.

For example, the actual Prince Charming in Cinderella became obsessed with the title character's left-behind shoe. While it's a romantic gesture, it's also super weird to be obsessed with finding the one woman who fits a certain shoe. Plus, it's a search with a whole lot of feet. But nobody's perfect and neither are such Disney princes — sadly, they are not the perfect heroes that we may have thought them to be when we were younger. Once you know a little bit more about life, these Disney princes seem creepy and you hope that the princess falls in love with someone else.

The following list consists of some of the most creepy Disney princes that you may not have realized were a bit, uh, off. But hey, now you you know.

The Prince In 'Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs'

First of all, this prince doesn't even have a name. Second, he only shows up in the story to sing with Snow White (when things are good) and to save the day with a kiss. And he's totally cool with kissing a woman he barely knows. You have to wonder a bit about this prince.

Prince Eric From 'The Little Mermaid'

Ariel saves Eric and then he subsequently becomes drawn to her and aims to find her. But then he's totally cool with moving onto Vanessa, who is Ursula with Ariel's singing voice. So was Eric just into the voice or was there ever an attraction to Ariel on his side? Or does he have a thing for great singing? If so, no one let him near a radio.

Aladdin From 'Aladdin'

Aladdin technically lies to Princess Jasmine about being a prince. Just because you tell a wish to a Genie in a magic lamp doesn't mean it automatically comes true. Of course, these two ultimately end up together, once Aladdin is honest about his humble background. The lesson here is that lying is never a good foundation to a relationship and it's super creepy.

John Smith From 'Pocahantas'

While the movie is loosely-based on the kinship between the real-life figures John Smith and Pocahantas, the Disney version Smith isn't exactly the most dashing prince, either. Smith comes to North America with intentions of settling and taking over the land, so how can Pocahantas ever be sure that he's not just using her for information or her connections to the tribe? Trust is the foundation of any good relationship.

Simba In 'The Lion King'

Simba and Nala grew up as best friends, but then Simba disappeared...essentially ghosting his BFF (and future wife) for years, until they meet again. I mean, it's not exactly his fault, but still, Nala thought he was dead. Not cool at all. Lucky for Simba, they fall in love and Nala is still totally willing to help out her old childhood best friend.

Peter Pan In 'Peter Pan'

He is the boy who never grows up and he flies into the window of random children that he does not know. Then, he offers to take them to a far off land filled with other children. Lock your doors, because he is totally and completely creepy.

Hans From 'Frozen'

The Prince of the Southern Isles quickly proposes to Princess Anna in "Love is an Open Door." Later, he admits that he only wanted to marry Princess Anna as a rouse — he was planning to get rid of both Anna and her sister, Queen Elsa, in order to seize the throne of Arendelle for himself. Not cool, Hans. In fact, that is super creepy and terrible — the throne rightfully belongs to Elsa and she goes through a lot during the course of Frozen. Leave Elsa and Anna alone, dude.

Gaston From 'Beauty & The Beast'

It feels weird to say Gaston is a Disney "prince," but humor me here. The narcissistic gentleman aggressively tries to get Belle to marry him when she is clearly not interested in him. He only seems to be attracted to her beauty and not her brains or love of books. He also sings a song about how great he is with his enablers. Later in the film, Gaston calls Belle's dad crazy and has the elder gentleman locked him. Then Gaston stabs the Beast, whom she actually loves. Gaston needs to move on.

Prince Charming From 'Cinderella'

After meeting Cinderella once, the prince keeps her left-behind shoe and sends the palace on a town-wide search to find the woman who fits the sacred footwear. Could Prince Charming be really into feet or just a hopeless romantic? Look, some folks might love either quality and also some people might find that to be a bit creepy. I'll let you be the judge here.

Even though these handsome Disney princes seemed like dreamboats when we were kids, some of them are actually pretty creepy once you think about it.