9 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Your Dad Will Actually Love

When you were in elementary school, your teachers probably helped facilitate some pretty awesome handmade gifts for your family members. Come December, it was time to glue painted puzzle pieces to your school photo, a creation that ultimately passed as a tree ornament. Mom got a macaroni necklace splattered with glitter. Dad got a piece of construction paper sprayed with an evergreen scent and decorated with your crayon drawings to hang on the rearview mirror. I, for one, am very grateful to my elementary school teachers for helping me look really good for these occasions. It's not too late to bring back the crafty vibes, though! There are quite a few DIY Father's Day gift ideas out there that any dad would be very grateful for — or, at the very least, amused by.

The beauty of going the DIY route is that the finished product doesn't really need to be objectively good. It's not about the craftsmanship because it's about the sentiment and the time you invested in making something totally original. Putting your own Father's Day-inspired spin on any of these projects will totally check those boxes and make Pops feel like a king on his special day.

At the very least, they'll be better than a fake car air freshener.

Leather Business Card Wallet

If your dad collects business cards and never seems to have a place to organize them, consider making him a leather business card wallet with a little help from Vitamini Handmade. You can choose leather, thread, and fabric colors that are perfect for him, and with some simple sewing skills, you'll have this DIY wrapped up in no time.

Painted Espresso Mugs

According to Now That's Pretty, all you need to add a little character to a set of ceramic cups is ceramic paint, a pencil, and a paint brush. Decorate mugs for Dad with a favorite quote, quirky drawing, or funky pattern. He'll think of you every time he gets his caffeine fix!

Felt And Leather Tablet Case

Give Dad's tablet a cozy new home with a handmade felt and leather case via Delia Creates. The process looks best-suited for someone with a little sewing and crafting experience, but the finished product should be worth it!

Wooden Hanger Frames

Transform a set of wooden clothes hangers into a clean and simple display system for Dad's favorite photos or art with this step-by-step from A Beautiful Mess. Maybe your dad even has some of your old kindergarten art lying around and waiting to be showcased!

Marbled Candle Set

Is there anyone who is fully imune to the charms of a great candle? As far as I'm concerned, the answer is a big, fat "no" — and I see no reason why Dad wouldn't be totally excited about a gift that will keep his office or favorite room smelling fresh. This simple DIY project from Vitamini Handmade will walk you through the steps to create a marbled sleeve for a preexisting glass candle, along with some coordinating matchboxes.

3D Graphic Clay Mugs

These funky mugs from Studio DIY will help you in your quest to spice up Dad's dish ware game. The idea is to sculpt polymer clay into the shape of anything you want so you can accent plain ceramic mugs, which means you can really cater to your dad's interests. If you've ever wondered whether or not you can make golf balls or hamburgers out of clay, I guess you're about to find out.

Back Scratcher

Father's Day is a great opportunity to give your dad something he would never think to buy for himself but would actually love to have. Enter a back scratcher! This tutorial from Delia Creates suggests that you buy a cheep bamboo back scratcher and then personalize it. Her suggestions cater to younger kids, but you could opt for a simple paint job or to carve out your dad's name in the handle instead.

Taco Letter Holder

This quirky DIY gift from Studio DIY is the ideal choice for any dad who gets a lot of mail and happens to be a big fan of Taco Tuesday. What else do you give the guy who has everything (including the perfect child)?

Gym Bag

If you're up for trying your hand at a slightly more advanced sewing project, Dad would love this DIY gym bag from A Beautiful Mess! Using canvas, denim, or another durable outdoor fabric will ensure that the duffel lasts your dad many trips.