9 Easy April Fools’ Day Pranks You Only Need 5 Minutes To Pull Off

by Brittany Bennett

The simplest things sometimes make the loudest statements. When it comes to the art of pranking on Apr. 1, otherwise known as the infamous April Fools' Day, simple goes far. There are a number of easy April Fools' Day pranks that don't need much planning, which will allow you to pull off a masterpiece with ease. It's time for us to all become the comedians we know we can be.

Since the dawn of time — or so it seems — we've all been obsessed with pranks. MTV's 'Punk'd' featuring a cackling and cute Ashton Kutcher kept celebrities on their toes. And the term "punk'd" entered our vocabulary, forever more becoming synonymous with "pranked." The car isn't starting? I must be getting punk'd. School isn't cancelled despite a blizzard? No, I'm getting punk'd. We literally live for a well done prank because, when harmless, it's hilarious to see someone confused when you know that everything is actually okay. And once the prank has been revealed, more often than not, the prankee can also laugh at the whole situation.

Pull out your whoopee cushions and change the text settings in your friend's phone. April Fools' Day is almost here and there are so many simple, though effective, pranks to pull on your friends and family that don't require a production team.

Cling-wrap A Doorway

You know how people sometimes walk through screen doors? If it's not something that can actually ~hurt~ a person, it's kind of funny. Imitate this by setting up a cling wrap trap and giggle as your family walks right into it.

The Fake Magic Trick

Twitter user @zhashx almost pulled off the perfect prank against her brother that entailed an elaborate "magic trick" which ultimately would leave him stranded holding a bowl of water above his head with a broom stick. It would end with him becoming soaked by the water. However, her brother's smoothness was underestimated as illustrated in this now viral, with 1.77 million views, prank. Still, though, it's a genius prank idea that doesn't take too much to pull off. Watch and learn.

Fake Bug Prank

Everyone loves an unwelcome visitor! ... not. Purchase a fake cockroach or mouse and place it where you'll know your friends will see it and scream. This prank has been pulled on me before and I respect it. It works.

Tape The TV

With just a little bit of scotch tape, you can shield your TV sensors, making it impossible for your family or friends to turn it on with a remote.

Scare Prank

All this prank entails is hiding behind a large piece of furniture and jumping out in front of the next person who walks through the room. This is best pulled off with someone who has a healthy heart. Please refer to Queen of Scare Pranks, Ellen DeGeneres, for inspiration.

Caramel Onions

Trust no apple on a stick on April Fools' Day. You could be biting into an onion. That said, set a tray of caramel treats out for your friends and watch as they bite into what they think are caramel apples on a stick.

Post-It Someone's Entire Cubicle

This takes some time and effort. You might have to stay after work ends the night before and you shouldn't expect any overtime. But the payoff is worth it when your work bestie comes in the next day to a cubicle completely dressed in post it notes.

Wish Your Friend Good Luck

It's a mind game but it'll have your friend so confused as to what they've forgotten that requires good luck. Don't leave them hanging for long, though!

Hard Boiled Egg Prank

Think you're going to go downstairs and make some scrambled eggs? Think again. The night before, hard boil the eggs and place them back in their container. Your roommates will be eating hard-boiled eggs for the rest of the week.