9 Festive Flat Shoes That'll Convince You To Leave Your Heels At Home

Christmas is almost upon us which means you may be staring at a pile of heels you really don't want to wear. Don't fret, for there's no need to put your feet under unnecessary strain this season. Instead, slip on one of the following festive flat shoes and prepare to spend every occasion pain-free.

It's unclear when winter festivities became synonymous with sky-high heels, but the desire to throw on those towering velvet sandals and lacy stilettos doesn't seem to disappear. And every year, you immediately regret that decision.

Previously, it was difficult to find something that suited your newfound sparkly sartorial taste. But now, footwear designers have heard the cries of agony. Now, they have released mules, pumps, and more in all manner of hues and prints. They've even finished them off with gemstones and bows, making them ideal for pairing with both minimal outfits and super striking ones. Plus, they tend to be a bit cheaper.

So the next time you're invited out for a Christmas do or simply want to get in the festive mood, avoid the heel temptation and reach for these high street decorative flats. It's one fashion decision you're guaranteed not to weep over.