9 Fiction Podcasts That Are Just As Entertaining As Any Audiobook

I've always wanted to be an "audiobook" kind of person. There is something so appealing, so capable, about taking in a literary experience while doing the dishes, folding laundry, taking a walk. But alas, my brain is not wired to lap up every single word I hear read aloud — especially if it was initially written for the page, filled with beautiful descriptions and phrases that may not necessarily drip off the tongue. Good news? We're living in a golden age of audio, my dudes, and these fiction podcasts take storytelling to a new level — and perfectly marry radio with fiction.

Though it seems ubiquitous now, the term "podcasting" has only been around for the past decade and a half. Though the official credit for "Creator of Podcast" is a bit muddy, what is agreed upon is that, in 2004, Dave Winer, a software developer, created "iPodder," a way to directly download radio internet broadcasts onto an iPod — hence, "pod-cast." A portable, recorded (rather than live) broadcasting over the airwaves. This concept, which seems so straightforward now, completely revolutionized our consumption of information, of humor, of stories.

But the root of podcasting — oral storytelling — hits at an innate part of human nature. We've been telling stories, to ourselves, to each other, for millennia. Something magical happens at the intersection of narrative and acting. And while podcasts have certainly taken off in recent years — everyone and their mom and their boyfriend seems to have an idea for one — drama podcasts, which marry fictional storytelling and audio elements, haven't boomed in quite the same way. And TBH I don't understand why, fiction podcasts are like the best of both worlds.