9 Fights You're More Likely To Have During This Summer's Mercury Retrograde

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We're already in the trenches of Mercury Retrograde, which began July 26 and lasts until August 19. It may seem like everything in your life is now moving in directions you aren't familiar with. When Mercury, the planet that rules all things communication, goes retrograde, it can cause a lot of stress within our human relationships. We're on the defense and may attract much confusion, tension, frustration and all sorts of miscommunications. It could be a volatile time for some people, but less so for others. In any case, you can rest assured in knowing there are more common fights you are more likely to have during a Mercury retrograde season at times, and you can prevent them if you know what signs to look for.

It's important to note that interpersonal conflicts and needs for self-reflection are important on any day of the year, even if Mercury doesn't appear to be moving backward in the sky during that given time — but that doesn't mean you can't be especially mindful right now, when tensions may feel higher than usual. When you know which sorts of fights to spot in advance, the season itself will be much, much easier to handle.

Read on to find out more about what to look out for:


Use of minor passive aggression when you're angry.

You could be the most upfront person of the bunch, but Mercury retrograde could have you feeling a little bit more like you don't want to express in a straightforward manner. You may be more uncomfortable telling people what you feel if they upset you, so you may want them to figure it out by sliding in subtle hints. Well, big hint: people can't read your mind, even if you really want them to. You're going to have to spell anger out to fully embrace conflict enough to get through it.


Perceived refusal from others to give you the truth.

You really, really want authenticity and honesty during this time. No matter which aspect of your astrological chart Mercury is touching, you'll want to know where you stand with everyone and what ways you can also satisfy your burning desire to know criticism. Be patient and ask nicely ... and don't let yourself get too paranoid about feedback from the universe. It will come in its time.


Grumpiness with your coworkers.

People have more issues miscommunicating when the stakes are higher during a Mercury retrograde. If you care about your performance at work, you may find yourself accidentally taking it out on your co-workers, whether it be with team projects or if they happen to awkwardly ask you if you're doing OK (when you're clearly not). When it comes to garnering approval from the big boss, you do not want to be messed with, especially when your sense of security is so fragile during this time.

Just make sure you try to think before you feel like lashing out and reminding yourself that circumstances out of control are what have you on edge, not the people.


Neediness from family and friends.

If you find certain loved ones are checking up on you and it's getting suffocating, that may be unsurprising during a Mercury retrograde. Some may need more reassurance they matter in the lives of those who love them. Even if it makes you totally eye roll, make sure you let them know they matter — because they do, and even if it's a lot to deal with that can really piss you off, try to be nice and let people know you care.


Paranoia and a need for reassurance from friends.

On the flip side, you may need more validation yourself from other people if you find yourself worrying over what others think. Do not shame yourself for this, while also trying to not go too over the top in demanding attention you think you deserve (even though it is Leo season, so many might understandably feel this way!).


Sensitivity to validation.

The right sort of validation may matter, too. Mercury in retrograde may make you a little more sensitive to authenticity, so if someone tries to brush your feelings under the rug and dismiss any of your emotional needs, you may find yourself lashing out and calling others out more than usual. This stems from a desire for better communication when the retrograde has us reassessing so many details of our lives, so don't be afraid of this part of you. You can try to be levelheaded, but don't squash the feeling altogether. Let it out... it's for the better.


Sensitivity to being included in plans.

You want to be remembered as a form of validation, too, so you may find yourself freaking out at perceived slights or more upset if you are not included in plans properly (or see it that way, at least). Remember to catch yourself being extra sassy if you want to prevent a big blow out.


Inner criticism of yourself.

Please remember to love yourself this season, you amazing star child, you. So many wonderful forces may be at work in your life, but only if you believe in it all. So this season, please don't judge yourself for having irrational sensitivities or tendencies. Mercury retrograde is trying to help us clear out our baggage, and the person needed most for this process is you. So don't let yourself down.


Customer service showdowns.

Whereas before if you got the wrong style of fries, you might let it go with some irritation, but about now that sort of misunderstanding might irk you more than usual. You may find you're less afraid to tell it like it is. And you know, as long as you're polite and understanding about it, there's no reason not to self-advocate if someone has made a mistake; this tendency may make you stronger in the long run if you don't try to repress things and make it worse. So don't be afraid to ask for what you deserve — whether it be the food you want from the fast food window or the kinds of relationships you want in your life — so long as you are respectful and well-intentioned about it.