These Floral Eyeliner Tutorials Are Too Good Not To See

by Kali Borovic

If black winged liner has gotten a little to basic for you, you're in luck. Combining the classic look and the season's pastel trend, floral print eyeliner is now a thing, according to PopSugar. People are creating literal flower bouquets on their eyes, and it might just be the most beautiful makeup you've ever seen. Don't be intimidated though, because floral liner tutorials are out there to make this trend easy to achieve — even for beauty beginners.

Whoever said makeup wasn't an art hasn't seen this spring trend. People are using bright, colorful liquid liners to make their own floral wing. As someone who can barely match two wings with a simple one-color liner look, this is pretty darn cool. It's the easiest way to transform your typical look for a new season (although it's certainly not the simplest thing to recreate).

Even if you aren't looking to master the trend, you need to see the floral liner tutorials. Each video, whether there's a few flowers or a whole beauty bouquet, it mesmerizing to watch. Every single tutorial is different than the rest, and the best part is that there's no way to mess it up. From simple minimal floral designs to all-out winged fields of flowers, here are all the tutorials you need to get you in the spring spirit.

1. Eye Bouquet

If you're looking to go all out, this is the tutorial for you. This YouTuber combines color and print in the most stunning way possible.

2. Simple & Sweet

This simple flower look is perfect if you're a beginner. The tutorial makes it super easy to replicate and it's not too over the top.

3. Ombre Florals

You won't believe how easy this one is to do. All you need is a dotting tool and you're good to go!

5. Multi-Flower Design

Why stick to one flower when you could add them all? This YouTuber brings some dimension to the eye by creating tall and short plants.

6. Smudged Out Look

This design looks like watercolor, which means it's easier to design. You don't have to be exact to get this look.

7. Flower Cut Crease

Combing two of this seasons biggest eye looks, this YouTuber has flower liner and a cut crease. The color is incredible.

8. One-Line Floral

You won't believe how easy this look is to makeup until you see it.

9. Lower Lashes

Or you can take the trend to an entirely new level by putting flowers on your lower lash line instead.

No matter how you try the trend, you really can't go wrong!