How To Spend Galentine’s Day If All Your Friends Are In Relationships


Smack a sparkly red heart sticker on Feb. 13. That's the official date for the unofficial-turned-traditional holiday of Galentine's Day, the day devoted to celebrating the wonderful ladies in your life. Obviously every day is an ideal time to celebrate the girl love in your group, but as life advances and we all land ourselves in relationships, and everyone's schedules conflict, it's nice to have a scheduled day to come back together. There are Galentine's Day ideas for if all of your friends are in relationships that'll help put the focus back on each other.

Love — the big romantic kind — is great, especially when your squad ships you and bae. But I believe it was Sex and the City that suggested, "maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with." And so it's often worth showering your besties with love.

Grand gestures can be reserved for the relationships. Friendships are all about the little things. You don't need to book reservations at the hottest restaurant in town if that's not your thing. There are plenty of low key ways to celebrate the love and girl power in your gal group that might be a nice break from all the date nights. Feb. 14 can wait its turn. Feb. 13 is all about the gals.

A DIY Spa Day

Dressing up is cool but have you ever lounged around in robes and slippers all day? Slice up some cucumbers and light some aromatherapy candles. Turn your living room into the friendliest spa. All your friends can enjoy a night in together, giving each other manicures like this is summer camp.

Breakfast Potluck

As Galentine's Day was founded by Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec all those who celebrate should pay tribute to the founder by celebrating over breakfast. This meal can be enjoyed at any time of day, but waffles should always be included.

Rom-Com Slumber Party

Pop in all those meet cutes you swoon for. No matter what you throw up on Netflix, a slumber party is only complete with a set of pajamas and big, perhaps multiple, bowls of popcorn.

Wine And Cheese Night

Gouda if you're fancy. Who says celebrating Galentine's Day has to be all draw string pants and face masks? Get first class with wine and cheese. Have all your friends convene, each bringing a bottle of their favorite wine and a round of their preferred cheese and have fun guessing what each bite has notes of. Bleu cheese with notes of your ex-boyfriend's socks? Velvety wine? Sounds like a few new inside jokes will be bred from this night.

'00s Dance Party

Remember when you'd get together in your parents basement and spend the night choreographing a routine to 3LW? Why must that stop now? Think of it as the new show stopping dance at the next couples rendevouz.

The Fanciest Of Feasts

Whip out the white table cloth and the finest plates in the cupboard. Get together and cook together. A pasta dish with components made from scratch is the perfect way for friends to show each other that you care.

Candy Swap

Who doesn't like raiding the candy aisle? Consider Galentine's Day a time to indulge in all the chocolate and hyping each other up one major compliment at a time.

Meditation Circle

Balancing work, a relationship and a social life is basically a circus act. Encourage self care and self love in each other by dimming the lights and making it an evening for meditation. Put on the soothing voice of a meditation guide and float away with your besties.

Do A Clothing Swap

You know that shirt you loved but can't seem to find? Your best friend probably has it. The point is, we all love the clothes our friends buy. And at some point in the friendship, we all wind up with each other's stuff. Open the closet intentionally with a clothing swap. Perhaps you'll get your shirt back. Perhaps it doesn't matter because your friend brought that halter top you've been obsessed with.