9 Last Minute Galentine's Day Ideas For Your Squad

by Laken Howard

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, and if you don't have a date locked down, there's no need to stress. Sure, a romantic candlelit dinner would be nice, but why not turn the overly cheesy holiday into a Galentine's Day celebration? There's no need to spend the day wallowing in self-pity: being single is awesome, and you don't need a significant other when you have plenty of kickass lady friends who love you for you.

If you're all in the mood to dress to the nines and hit the town, do it! It's an excuse to treat yourself to a fancy cocktail or two, and who knows — you might even meet someone *special* while you're out. Otherwise, feel free to skip the crowded bars and restaurants and plan a fun night in featuring wine, chocolate, and a steaming vat of freshest gossip.

You don't have to be party-planning gurus to throw a spectacular bash with your female friends on V-Day. If your squad likes to do things at the last minute, check out these nine Galentine's Day party ideas that you can pull off in no time.


Have A Yoga-And-Chill Party

Yes, yoga is technically exercise (and who wants to exercise on V-Day?), but it's also a good excuse to clear your head and relax. Plus, everything is more fun with friends — and no one is stopping you from eating copious amounts of popcorn and watching Riverdale afterwards.


Have A DIY Spa Day

Who can afford to shell out all the cash required for a 'real' spa day? Instead, hit up Lush or Sephora with a few pals, pick out some bath bombs and face masks, and then pamper yourselves from the comfort of your own home. Oh, and don't forget the wine!


Go Rollerskating

If you're feeling like having an ~active~ Galentine's Day, go to your local roller rink for a TBT to middle school. (Unless you're as uncoordinated as me, in which case it might be safer to just stay home, wrapped in bubble wrap.) It'll be exactly like Jessica Simpson's "A Public Affair" music video... probably.


Throw An 'OOs-Themed Party

Remember that episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory and her friends throw a 2002-themed bash, complete with Missy Elliott songs and Ugg boots? All you have to do is pick your favorite year, make a killer playlist, throw on some cringe-worthy clothes and voila — an instantly memorable V-Day.


Feast On A Takeout Potluck

Instead of bringing a dish to pass, have all your friends order different kinds of cuisines for everyone to share. You'll be way too full at the end of the night, but it's guaranteed that all your cravings will be satisfied.


Make Your Own Chocolates

If your squad suffers from major sweet tooth, try making your own DIY chocolates for Galentine's Day. And if you massively fail, you can always hit up the post-V-Day chocolate sale at CVS the next day.


Do An At-Home Mixology Class

You could pay hundreds to go to a real mixology course... or you could buy some supplies, and turn to YouTube tutorials for help. The best part? All that booze isn't going to drink itself.


Go Thrift Shopping

True friendship is lamenting how broke you all are — but that doesn't mean you can't treat yo'self to a mini V-Day shopping spree. Look up the best-reviewed thrift stores in your area, and have fun trying on some kooky new duds.


Watch ~Creepy~ Documentaries

At this point, we all know that Allie and Noah live happily ever after and that Rose leaves Jack to freeze to death in the Atlantic. Don't bore yourself with the same old romance movies — instead, check out some creepy documentaries on Netflix.

If none of these Galentine's Day ideas tickle your fancy, that's cool too. Ultimately, the day should be all about doing exactly what you and your lady friends want to do — no boys allowed.