9 'Game Of Thrones' Quotes About Drinking


When it comes to Game of Thrones, there are a few images that come instantly to mind — and most of them probably involve dragons and/or incest. That’s cool, the show stays on brand. But there is another character that makes a lot of appearances on the show — in fact, I don’t know if an episode has passed by without seeing it. That character is alcohol. There is so much booze on the show that Game of Thrones alcohol quotes are basically a sub-genre of the script. So if you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next drinking session or boozy Instagram quote, you might just want to turn to GoT.

Of course, the amount of booze in Game of Thrones is not a blank check to go and get wrecked — I mean, they’re all too busy worrying about staying alive to worry about the state of their livers. Plus, they always talk about how beer was watered down in the olden days and, I may not understand exactly when when Game of Thrones is set, but let’s just assume their wine and beer is not very strong or else how could they, you know, defeat the undead.

But there are some total zingers in the alcohol department — and if you’re looking for some wit and wisdom, you don’t have to look very far. And YES most of the quotes about booze come from from Tyrion Lannister, because he is the show’s self-appointment “god of tits and wine," but some other characters show their enthusiasm as well. Here are nine of the best Game of Thrones drinking quotes.


“That's what I do. I drink and I know things.” - Tyrion Lannister

This iconic quote had to earn a spot on the list. In fact, it’s probably one of the best Game of Thrones quotes, period — about drinking or anything else. And, above all, it’s really true — Tyrion does do both of those things. He does them all the time. He's probably doing them right now.


"An unhappy wife is a wine merchant's best friend." - Cersei Lannister

Cersei may not bang on about it as much as her brother, but she certainly knows her way around a nice cabernet — or whatever the Westeros equivalent of cabernet is. She’s often seen waving a goblet as she delivers a sharp tongue-lashing or two, so it may be no surprise she has some words of wisdom in the wine department.


"I drink the right amount too often” — Sandor Clegane/The Hound

OK, this one is hilarious and spot-on but PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.


“Now go drink until it feels like you did the right thing.” — Bronn

This one probably hits very close to the bone for a lot of us who have had to get even drunker after we’ve drunk texted an ex. Don’t feel bad — you are not alone.


“Isn't it a man's duty to be drunk at his own wedding?” — Tyrion Lannister

SO MANY BROS ARE GOING TO QUOTE THIS ON INSTAS OF THEIR WEDDING. Picture it: just a photo of them in an armchair, a tux, and a glass of whiskey. You know it’s going to be everywhere and they’re all going to look totally freakin’ identical.


“There's no story so good a drink won't make it better.” — Thoros of Myr

Perfect for your Instagram caption or just for your friend who tells really, really boring stories. Sorry, guys — you need to get the meat of the story quicker, we’re all waiting.


“I am a person who drinks. People who drink need to keep drinking.” — Tyrion Lannister

He may not be the spokesperson for moderation, but Tyrion does always tell it like it is.


“How can a man not keep ale in his home?” — Sandor Clegane/The Hound

It’s an honest question.


“It’s not easy being drunk all the time. If It was easy, everyone would do it.’ — Tyrion Lannister

Even though the first quote gets all the credit, this is my favorite Tyrion drinking quote. And let’s be honest, none of us could be Tyrion Lannister — so maybe he has a point.

Damn — this is one boozy show. It may all sound great, but just just like you wouldn't hop on a dragon, have sex with your aunt, or cross Cersei Lannister, maybe don’t necessarily listen to the characters' advice. Please Game of Thrones responsibly.