9 Gifts For Feminists In The UK, Because These Presents Are Seriously Empowering

Florence Given/Feminists Don't Wear Pink

It's clear that some people still see feminism as a threat. In reality, all the "scary-sounding" word means is equal rights for everyone. But misconceptions, stereotypes, and err sexism, can make that difficult to live by, especially when faced with constant discouragement and criticism. But these Christmas gifts for feminists may just give a friend or family member the push they need to live their truth each and every day.

Of course, a necklace in the shape of a vagina or a poster brandishing a powerful quote isn't going to solve the world's problems. But these bold items may just change the mindset of a passerby or at the very least encourage someone to think a little more about their place in the world. Remember it's people who will lead change.

The following list also includes a couple of educational books, because you can't know how to effectively fight the good fight without seeing how women from years gone by did it. And no one will get a wider sense of the issues at hand without a little further reading.

Whether you want to add these feminist-minded products to your own Christmas wish list or know someone who would welcome them with open arms, you will be helping the cause. After all, a little really does go a long way.

1For The Reader

The Periodic Table of Feminism by Marisa Bate


Learning about the history of feminism can be a daunting task. But Marisa Bate explains the various waves using their many famous faces. Featuring inspiring women both past and present, this book will encourage bravery in any reader.

2For The Person Who Lives By Inspirational Quotes

Enough Room Print

Florence Given

You've probably comes across Florence Given's vivid work countless times on Instagram. The artist doesn't mince her words, so why not gift one of her prints to a fellow confident feminist?

3For The Boldest Of Them All

Tuza Sterling Silver Vagina Necklace

Pam Pam

Wear it loud. Wear it proud. Yes, having a vagina dangling from your neck may make people feel uncomfortable, but maybe it's time they learned to have a little respect for the body part that brought most of us into the world.

4For Those Who Want To Give Back

Millicent Fawcett Commemorative T-Shirt

The Fawcett Society

Leading campaigner for women's suffrage, Millicent Fawcett, is celebrated in this simple unisex tee. Available in either black or white, you can support the still ongoing campaign with all profits going straight back to The Fawcett Society. Available in UK size S to XXL.

5For Those Who Need A Little Inspiration

Feminists Don't Wear Pink (And Other Lies) by Scarlett Curtis


Feminism is often seen as intimidating but this collection of essays written by the likes of actress Keira Knightley and period poverty activist Amika George proves that humour can be just as powerful.

6For The Interior-Obsessed

GRL PWR Tapestry

Urban Outfitters

If the feminist in your life's bedroom is looking a little sparse, gift them this cotton artwork. It'll remind them of the strength of women every time they wake up.

7For The Subtle Type

Take Courage Enamel Pin

Not On The High Street

Christabel Pankhurst's words are immortalised in this metal pin. Designed to remind people that the fight for equal rights is far from over, it makes for the perfect Secret Santa gift this Christmas.

8For The Fashion-Focused

Made In Kenya T-Shirt With Cloud Motif


Since 2010, ASOS has teamed up with an African organisation called SOKO to hire local workers to create the clothes in the special collection. ASOS also uses some of its profits to fund girls' educations, making this affordable tee a more than worthy gift for any feminist-minded individual.

9For The Ambitious One

Anatomy Is Not Destiny Necklace

Tatty Devine

Designed in collaboration with The Fawcett Society, this glittering necklace will give its wearer the determination to shoot for the stars.

Here's to a more enlightened Christmas.