13 Gifts For Astrology Fans In The UK, Because These Presents Will Make The Horoscope-Lover In Your Life So Happy


Looking up to, and learning from, the stars has become a staple in the life of many modern women. So it's no surprise that stores have been inspired by all things celestial this festive season. These astrology-themed Christmas gifts are perfect for those who are only looking for an introduction to stargazing as well as those who want to do some deeper reading.

Horoscopes in particular are experiencing a renaissance. Although many of us used to take them with a pinch of salt, one study found that 58% of 18-24 year-old Americans believe in astrology. It seems more and more millennials are allowing the content of their horoscope to guide their everyday decisions. You, your friends, and family members may not have got quite this far, but you'll never know how much a little birth chart knowledge could help if you never even try to understand.

Hardcore astrology fans will be into the range of books on offer while those just dipping a toe into the art may prefer the themed beauty and and fashion offerings. Whether your loved ones are all clued up on when Mercury is in retrograde or just want to wear their star sign for all to see, these astrological gifts are guaranteed to please.

1A Starter Guide

The Little Book Of The Zodiac


People who are just getting started with the deeper meanings of their birth chart and star sign will find this book informative, but not too intimidating.

2A Jewelled Addition

Zodiac Ring Set


Pick the star sign you want and Anthropologie will deliver a set of two golden rings. Best suited to fans of subtle jewellery, the 12 carat gold-plated designs will fit in well with any ring collection.

3For The Fashion-Focused Person In Your Life

UO Horoscope T-Shirt

Urban Outfitters

Thanks to the onslaught of graphic tees, showing who you are through your clothes has never been easier. Time to gift your loud and proud friend one of Urban Outfitters' zodiac tops.

4For The Cocktail-Obsessed Astrologer

The Mixology of Astrology


According to the author of this book, Aliza Kelly Faragher, each star sign has a particular drinking preference. Get your cocktail-obsessed friend or relative to try a personalised recipe out and see what they think.

5For The Make-Up Fiend

Bh Cosmetics Zodiac Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

Urban Outfitters

Who knew you could mix a love of beauty and astrology in one simple palette? Filled with metallic and matte shades, don't forget to point out the iridescent highlighter to whoever you gift it to.

6For Inquisitive Minds

Night Star Constellation Globe

Not On The High Street

Anyone looking to gain knowledge of the stars above will appreciate this beautiful globe. Simply spin and learn.

7A Place To Write Down Thoughts

We Are All Made Of Stars Notebook


Chupi's collection of luxurious notebooks come illustrated with your chosen star sign on the front. Handmade by craftspeople in Dublin, they're great for those who love a bit of journalling.

8For The Travellers

Star Sign Leather Passport Cover And Luggage Tag Set

Not On The High Street

Those that love travelling the world will welcome these personalised passport covers and luggage tags. Choose a star sign, a colour (ranging from pinks and blues to silvers and golds), and even a personal message if you fancy.

9For The Practical Types

Zodiac Jewelled Velvet Poutch


Anthropologie has really gotten into the zodiac spirit. These adorable velvety bags can be used to store everyday essentials or adopted as a miniature clutch bag. Designs come in blue, grey, or pink.

10One For The Serious Astrologers

The Astrology of You and Me: How to Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life

Urban Outfitters

The majority of astrology books exist to help people understand how their star sign impacts their own life. But what about how your birth chart affects the lives of those around you? Add this to your Christmas wish list if you want to make the most of your relationships or give it to a person in need.

11For Star Sign Show Offs

Celestial Charm Pendant

Kate Spade

These simple gold-plated necklaces depict the symbol of every star sign around. For just over £50, the price isn't bad either.

12For Those Who Need A Daily Reminder

Personalised Horoscope Compact Pocket Mirror


There are so many elements to this handy compact. Bombus will design the mirror in a colour of your choosing and engrave the constellation on one side and the attributes of someone with your chosen star sign around the edge of the mirror itself.

13For The Beauty Masterminds

Air Brush Set


Inspired by the stars, this eight-piece make-up brush set comes inside a luxe velvet pouch. There's everything a loved one will need for contouring, concealing, and blending.

It's time to become one with the stars and planets. Or at least attempt to.