9 Gifts That Are Lifesavers for Young Newlyweds

by Caitlin Morrison

Ah, young love. It’s a pure, beautiful thing, even if more and more people are waiting until later in life to tie the knot. The average age for a first marriage was 27.4 years old for women in 2017, up from 24 years old in 1990, according to U.S. Census data. And while it seems most of us are holding off, that isn’t always the case! Some people basically go from college graduation straight into planning a wedding.

For young couples especially, married life can come as a bit of a shock. Many of their friends are moving back in with parents or starting internships in new cities; meanwhile, they’re figuring out how to register for bedsheets and kitchen appliances.

On that note, what does one gift the young newlyweds? The way I see it, you can take one of two paths: fun (“we’re still kids, pretty much!") or practical (“yikes, we need stuff for our first home together!”). Skip the fancy adult wares (e.g. expensive espresso machine or engraved champagne flutes). Help them start their lives together in a way that’s authentic to them. Below are some of my suggestions for the perfect gifts to celebrate young newlyweds.


Record Player

What’s better than the gift of music? Imagine all the nights they’ll get to dance around barefoot in their living room. Ahh, romance. At the very least, it will look really cool in their new home.


Cookware Set

A simple cookware set with eight piece or less won’t break your budget and will go a long way for a couple that’s starting from zero. Tip: Go with a nonstick option, especially if they’re novice cooks.



With a blender, they can make healthy smoothies (with flavors inspired by whatever tropical honeymoon they just took?), cream soups, mix pancake batters, and more. It’s a multi-functional and highly underrated beginner’s kitchen appliance.


Museum Membership

The best wedding gift may actually be the one that gets them out of their new home. Give them the gift of art and culture with a dual membership to their favorite local museum.



Okay, hear me out: No one wants to buy themselves a vacuum, especially a young person. But they will covet this high-tech Dyson vacuum for years to come.


Nice Luggage

Getting married essentially means signing up to be that special someone’s travel companion for life. Commemorate the moment with something that will prepare them for their first trip together as spouses.


Bar Cart

The bar cart is a great piece to class up their living space and entice friends to come over. For each anniversary gift, you can help them stock it.


Wine Subscription

The Wine of the Month Club lets them try new wines each month, and is perfect for the couple that ends each day together with a glass of red (or white).


Board Games

This may seem like an odd choice, but trust me: Game night is far superior to Netflix and chill (or Netflix and pass-out-on-the-couch). Fun fact: My grandparents played Scrabble together every night for their entire married existence — more than half a century!