9 Guys Raven Could Date On 'BiP'


Those of us who are fans of Raven Gates had our hearts broken when Nick Viall dumped her during the season finale of the most recent Bachelor season. We had all been behind her quest for love, so we all wanted to give her hugs in that moment. Thankfully, during the live After the Final Rose special, Raven confirmed to Chris Harrison that she will be looking for love in paradise this summer. Now, I can't help hypothesizing about the guys Raven should considering dating on Bachelor in Paradise.

I'm calling it now: My girl Raven is going to be the QUEEN of Paradise. Just wait and see. Everyone is going to be there to meet her and they will be looking to commit. I feel like everyone is in love with Raven just based on her adorable comments from her on-camera interviews on The Bachelor, so I'm sure that these dudes will fall hard for her if they spend quality time with her at a resort in Mexico. She is simply the best.

Sure, a lot of the guys will probably be from Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette, which will have just wrapped, but that doesn't mean it's too soon to start thinking about some possible pairings for Raven. Some of these men are obvious choices for her, others are a little outside the box, and then there's a few guys who I threw in for entertainment value. These are my picks for everyone's favorite Bachelor runner-up.

1. Luke Pell

This is the one relationship that everyone on the internet wants to happen. There are already memes and Instagram accounts dedicated to the hypothetical pairing of southern gems Raven and Luke. Plus, soon after Raven said she was going to be on BiP, Luke tweeted a screen shot of a search for "things to do Mexico." Maybe he's into the idea, too?

2. James Taylor

When Nick sent Raven home, James Taylor couldn't help tweeting, "Lord have mercy, raven meet me in Paradise?! You deserve a good southern gentleman." So at least we know one guy has Raven on the forefront of his mind. He also responded to a fan who asked, "Didn't your mom say Bachelor in Paradise was trashy?" by tweeting, "she did... but changed her mind when she saw Raven :)." Not only is James committed to pursuing Raven on BIP, but his mom is on board, as well. I'm so about this.

3. Chris Soules

Chris Soules is the only recent Bachelor who is still single, so why not find a girlfriend through the franchise? Plus, JJ Lane called out Chris for following Raven on Instagram, and Chris admitted, "game on...just hope she checks her DM's. I'm assuming I'm small fish in her big pond." Yes, you are. There are a lot of guys interested in Raven.

4. Wells Adams

Unfortunately, Wells' time in paradise was short-lived last summer. He came in at a point when most of the women were paired up and he just didn't have a chance at finding real love. Still, the ladies who were available were all about him. Not only that, but he makes hilarious interview comments (just like Raven). He needs to be a cast member from the start this time around.

5. Jared Haibon

At this point, pursuing Jared is a right of passage on BiP, so Raven might as well see what the hype is all about. Plus, Jared is definitely boyfriend material.

6. Chase McNary

First off, Raven and Chase would be a very attractive couple. Aside from that, I think they would balance each other out. Sure, I've only seen them on the show, but I feel like Raven's outgoing personality would help Chase come out of his shell.

7. Robby Hayes

Raven and Robby could bond over being runner-ups. They both put themselves out there for love, so let's give them both the fairytale ending that they were so close to getting on their first seasons.

8. Josh Murray

Let's just say that no one is really striking Raven's fancy at the resort, she could go for Nick's rival Josh Murray. I'm mostly a fan of this one because it would make for amazing TV. Plus, if anyone is going to whip out an engagement ring from Neil Lane, it's Josh. He got engaged twice in this franchise.

9. Nick Viall

If you thought I was going to miss out on the chance to make a joke about Nick showing up mid-season on another Bachelor show, you were mistaken. This will never get old to me. And it would make for great TV, too.

There's no doubt in my mind that Raven is going to be the most sought-after woman in paradise. I just hope that the guy for her is also at that resort in Mexico. She deserves it.