Fun Facts About 'Bachelor' Star Raven Gates That You Don't Know, But Should

ABC/Drew Cason

Even though Raven Gates did not get Nick Viall's final rose at the end of his Bachelor season, she captured the hearts of the entire fandom. I mean, who doesn't love Raven? The people have spoken and everyone adores the Arkansas native. Now that we know for sure that Raven will be on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, it's time to learn more about the most endearing runner-up of all time. There are lots of things that you probably don't know about Raven Gates, but should if you are a true Bachelor fan.

Fortunately for Raven (and the viewers), the southern gem got a consistent amount of screen time last season. This means that we got to see her share a lot about her life, but I'm sure that fans still want to know more. There can never be too much Raven, at least in my opinion.

We have to wait a few long months until Raven graces our television screens on Bachelor in Paradise, so thank god for social media to give the fandom the Raven fix that we all need.

These are just some of the interesting things #TeamRaven members need to know.

1. She Wants To Be Blue Ivy Carter

According to Raven's Bio on the ABC website, when asked if she "could be someone else for just one day," Raven answered Blue Ivy because "who doesn't want to be the child of Jay Z and Beyonce." Fair enough.

2. She Was A Point Guard In High School

Raven visited her hometown team and shared that she was a point guard back in the day. Her team even made it to the state championship.

3. Her Boutique Is Called Grey Suede

If you watched the show, you probably do remember that Raven owns a clothing store, but just in case you wanted more specifics, I'm here for you. Raven's store is called Grey Suede. And yes, if you're outside of Arkansas you can dress just as cute as Raven since you can order from Grey Suede online.

4. She & Her Dad Are Very Close

Raven's dad, Wes Gates, helps out when needed as a handyman at Grey Suede and makes her heart-shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day. I don't blame Raven for posting sweet things about her father on social media.

5. She Went To Law School

According to the Grey Suede website, "At the age of 24, after a year of law school, and the devastating news of her Dad being diagnosed with lung cancer, Raven had a 'come to Jesus' moment" and that's when she started the store.

6. She Was Prom & Homecoming Queen

Obviously. Who wouldn't vote for Raven. She's kind, beautiful, and spirited. Makes perfect sense to me. Check out her homecoming pic here.

7. She Enjoys Ed Sheeran's Music

Ed Sheeran is on fire right now, and I'm not just talking about that red hair. I don't blame Raven for knowing his lyrics and jamming out.

8. She Loves Tailgating

Considering that Raven introduced herself to Nick with a University of Arkansas cheer, it's not at all surprising that she enjoys tailgating and college football.

9. She Is An Audrey Hepburn Fan

Raven posted this photo of herself with an Audrey Hepburn mural along with one of her quotes: "The most important thing is to enjoy your life — to be happy — it's all that matters." That sounds like Raven to me.

10. She Is BFFs With Alexis Waters

Based on Raven's Instagram (and pretty much every woman's in the cast), it's clear that she is one of the most-loved ladies from this season. She is friends with most of them, but it was best friendship at first sight when Raven spotted Alexis in her dolphin costume on night one.

I am positive that everyone who watched Nick's season adores Raven, but these fun facts give us more reasons to be #TeamRaven. Is it time for Bachelor in Paradise yet?