9 Hacks To Fit Statement Furniture Pieces Into Any Room In Your Home

by Kaitlyn Wylde

If you order furniture online, you know that it can be tough to know whether or not a statement piece is really going to fit in with your current home decor. When you see a picture of a product online, you might fall in love with it — but once you order it, get it all assembled, and place it in your home, you realize that it doesn't go with your existing furniture and style at all. (And hey — that's if you even assemble it correctly. Another downside of statement pieces: they're often super difficult to assemble on your own unless you're a carpenter!) That said, there are some easy-to-assemble statement furniture pieces that you can hack to fit in any room in your home seamlessly, but it takes some searching to find them.

With over a dozen moves under my belt, I know just how frustrating it can be to be falsely led to believe that what you're ordering is something that's going to fit in your new space. Buying furniture online is supposed to be easier than buying something from a showroom, but it can often feel like the opposite is true.

Here, I've put together a list of statement items from furniture brands, along with a few tips on how to fit them into your home, no matter what your current decor is. Bonus is that they're easy to assemble, so you can do it by yourself without having to watch a YouTube video.


Remember playing with Lincoln Logs as a kid? Each wooden piece easily connects to another piece and before you know it you have a whole cabin built without any tools? Thuma beds are kind of like this. These new, dare I say revolutionary, bed frames don't require any tools. Bed frames can be really complicated to assemble, especially when you're doing to heavy lifting and assembly on your own. Thuma is an adult-sized puzzle that takes about 10 minutes (max) to complete and leaves you with a fully supportive and sturdy bed frame and plush headboard that's also incredibly attractive. If you can put together a puzzle, you can put together this bed with your eyes closed — the pieces fit together seamlessly, no contemplating required.

How to style: if you want to bring out the natural wood vibe of this bed, add a few other pieces of a similar stain like nightstands, a dresser, or even wood frames on the walls.

Inside Weather

If you want standard furniture that's easy to put together but don't want to sacrifice your own personal taste, you're going to love Inside Weather. This company offers only a few standard furniture models but allows you to personalize it with infinite combinations of colors, patterns, materials and hardware to make the piece totally your own. No tools for assembly required and most pieces take only 10 minutes to put together.

How to style: to incorporate a bold pattern into an otherwise tame room, pick a color from the pattern and implement it somewhere else in the room. For example, if you were to choose this green botanical design for your credenza, you could match a pillow cover, a curtain, a rug, or even a large candle to the exact palm leaf color.


This flat-pack furniture company makes both customizing your pieces and assembling them super simple. Its popular chairs take about 10 minutes to put together, despite how intricate they look and most of their storage items come completely assembled, so all you need to do is unpack them and fix the legs to the base with a few pieces of hardware and a tool that comes with the package.

How to style: mix and match colors to create a bold and unique dining vibe. These chairs are sold individually so that you don't have to commit to a solitary set color.


If you have too many plants, get yourself some plant stands so that you can reimagine the way you store them. Flitch's plant stands, side tables, stools and modular cabinets click together like wooden LEGOs. Everything is super easy to put together and the untouched natural wood appearance will look great in any space. Everything just fits together in this really satisfying straightforward way.

How to style: to create a lush and staggered effect, buy plant stands of different heights.


While Floyd makes lots of cool things — like retro couches, Pinterest-esque bed frames, and funky tables — I'm most impressed with its shelving units that look like a nightmare to assemble but aren't. Because this company makes their own hardware, everything makes sense and fits, perfectly. In just a few minutes you can put together a very chic and adult shelf that looks like you needed a professional to build

How to style: don't overwhelm your space by overdoing it with a bold colored shelving unit. If you have a lot of colorful books or objects to display, opt for a natural or white shelf. If you have low ceilings, consider higher shelves to draw the eye up.


Though this company might be on the higher end price-wise, their products are still incredibly simple to assemble. On its site, the couch company promises that all you need is 15 minutes to put together their couches and love seats — though they do have a TaskRabbit partnership in case you need help with the heavy lifting. With no tools required, it's no wonder their plush modern seating is so revered by its users.

How to style: this couch comes in over 16 different colors. To warm a room up, opt for a color between the rust and coral range, to cool a room down, opt for a color in the blue to sprouted green range, to stay in the neutral zone, opt for a color in the off white to pink range.


This affordable couch company delivers its products in multiple boxes that at first appear overwhelming, but upon unboxing, you'll realize that you only have one job: click it together. With financing and customization and size variety, this is a great option for big and small spaces alike. But most importantly, it's a great option for people who loathe furniture assembly.

How to style: add pillows with bold colors or patterns to make the couch blend into an otherwise colorful room, or commit to all-white pillows and throws to create a total white-out effect.


When you look at these chic armchairs, it's hard to fathom that you can assemble them yourself without a single tool, but you can. You'll be so proud of yourself when you put together this stunner — it might look like a complicated piece of art, but it comes delivered in a way that makes a pretty straightforward piece of art.

How to style: though there are muted and neutral colors available, picking a brighter color will make this chair a statement piece that will zest up a stale living room or bedroom.


Most of what you'll find at Wayfair comes flat-packed and easy to assemble. But recently I was most impressed with its heavy duty outdoor furniture that looks impossible to build but is actually totally manageable. By far the hardest part of putting together this patio set was unwrapping it from the plastic and cardboard it came in. I was able to do this by myself, without any extra tools and in about 10 minutes, once it was unwrapped.

How to style: use this patio set inside in lieu of a traditional kitchen table and chairs.