The Magical Items Every Harry Potter Fan Needs This Summer

by Julia Seales

Harry Potter’s birthday is July 31st, which makes summer the perfect time to re-read the entire series. And if you still haven’t caught up, now is the time — it's the perfect series to enjoy on the beach, in the park, or by the pool.

Each Harry Potter book begins with summer, and though Harry is suck at Privet Drive for most of these months, you don’t have to worry about the Dursleys. Instead, you can enjoy the long, warm days with a book and some Butterbeer ice cream, while you look forward to the next Fantastic Beasts movie(which, side note, will feature Jude Law as Dumbledore).

Once upon a time, summers were when new Harry Potter books were released. I remember pre-ordering the books and waiting for them to arrive, and then spending all day and night reading. Now, we may not have more books from the original series being released in the summer, but you can still have a Potter-inspired summer. Every Potterhead can appreciate the importance of showing off your love of Harry Potter, but since it’s too warm in July to wear a Hogwarts scarf, you have to get creative. The following Harry Potter items will allow you to have a truly enchanting summer.


Hogwarts Alumni Tank


Harry Potter Tank, $12, Etsy

Represent Hogwarts with this light tank, perfect for beach days.


Summer At The Burrow Wax Melt

Summer at the Burrow Wax Melt, $4, ChasingAStory on Etsy

Summer at the Burrow Wax Melt, $4, Etsy

Harry's best times in the summer weren't at Privet Drive — they were at his real second home, the Burrow. Channel the Weasleys' home with this comforting wax melt.


Mischief Managed Tumbler

BluAnchorCreations on Etsy

Mischief Managed Tumbler, $13, Etsy

The Marauders probably could've managed even more mischief, had they had this tumbler filled with iced coffee.


Marauders Koozie

OakAndCo on Etsy

Marauders Koozie, $8, Etsy

Keep your drinks cold even in heat, while assuring everyone that you're up to no good, with this Marauder's Map-inspired koozie.


Harry Potter Ice Cream Pin

hellorubymonday on Etsy

Harry Potter Ice Cream Pin, $10, Etsy

Because nothing says summer like ice cream.


Hermione Tote

TheSplendidSussie on Etsy

Hermione Tote Bag, $12, Etsy

Carry your books to the beach in this tote — Hermione would definitely approve.


Harry Potter Coloring Book

Harry Potter Coloring Book, $11, Amazon

Relax with this Harry Potter coloring book, perfect for lazy summer afternoons at the park with friends.


Luna Lovegood Costume Glasses

Luna Lovegood Costume Glasses, $13, Amazon

If you wear these while reading, you're kind of obligated to read the book upside-down.


Marauder's Map Swimsuit

Marauder's Map Swimsuit, $40, Hot Topic

Sport this Marauder's Map swimsuit, and you'll be the most enchanting Muggle at the pool.