9 Holiday Presents For People Who Love To Sleep


True sleep lovers know there's almost no better feeling than getting a really, really good night's rest. Nothing beats snuggling up in a fort of pillows and blankets at night, and waking up in the A.M. refreshed and renewed. Or, slowly rolling out of bed — still curled up in your comforter, of course — after a much needed mid-afternoon siesta. With December in full swing, holiday gift ideas for people who love to sleep will be in as high demand as a full eight hours. It's time to gift your friends some products that will make their favorite activity even more enjoyable and relaxing.

When's the last time you got a fresh pillowcase, or set of pajamas? How about an alarm clock that makes you actually want to wake up? If sleeping is your BFF's go-to hobby on the weekends, shelling out for the coziest, softest, and most innovative items can take their sleepytime to the next level. Because who would say no to better sleep?

From silky lux pillowcases, to an eye mask most definitely from the future, here are nine products that everyone who loves to snooze will be delighted to get this holiday season. Time to catch all the Z's.


Your besties will snooze better than ever with these sleepytime products. Sweet dreams, y'all.