9 Interesting Things You Should Have Learned In Sex Ed, But Didn’t


When you're young, there are lot of rumors and myths when it comes to sex, which is why sexual education is so important. However, even as we get older, we still discover new things about our sexual health, and there may be some interesting things you wish you learned in sex ed, but didn't. Not everyone receives the most comprehensive education, but it doesn't mean it's too late to learn a few things about your body and safe sex practices.

We know that sexual education is important, because not only does it help you make healthy decisions about sex, but it also helps you to better understand your own body. In fact, multiple studies show that comprehensive sex education reduces the incidence of unprotected sex, increases the use of condoms and other contraceptives, and even lower STI and pregnancy rates, according to multiple studies. Even if you didn't learn that much in school, you're never too old to become more informed about your sexual health, especially as new issues arise.

You may have learned the basics, but there are likely way more facts to know about your sexual health than you even realized. Here are nine interesting things you should have learned in sex ed, but didn't.