9 New Non-Fiction Deep Dives For When You've Run Out Of True Crime

The summer reading lists you remember from a child are still perfect.

If you spent 2019 devouring novel after novel, why not make 2020 the year for delving into non-fiction? While memoirs and biographies make up a big chunk of the true-life market, it's 2020's investigative books that are topping the must-read lists of many. From female financial inequity to online extremist groups, the issues tackled in these 9 titles are ones you need to know about.

Female authors are rocking the 2020 non-fiction charts. Financial journalist Annabelle Williams has examined why women, both now and throughout history, tend to be poorer than men; Dr. Pragya Agarwal investigates the origins and role of unconscious bias in modern society; Dr. Camilla Pang creates a unique guide to the strange world of human nature; and Julia Ebner goes undercover to infiltrate radicalised communities.

And that's not all non-fiction titles have to offer. Experts have examined why females are genetically stronger than males (and why society has struggled to accept it) as well as penning a historical perspective on a doctor's chilling life story and a study into the all-too-familiar female midlife crisis.

If you have a curious mind and want to finish a book feeling truly engaged with the world, look no further than these soon-to-be-released masterpieces.