9 Items From Chrissy Teigen's Target Line, Cravings By Chrissy, You Need In Your Life, Stat


Time to blow some last lingering kisses to the wind for your bank account balance, which I assume is about to be heavily compromised. But hey, it could be worse — the items from Chrissy Teigen's Target line are actually super affordable. The trouble is, though, that they are also ridiculously beautiful, and there are over 40 items to choose from, throwing any well-intentioned notions of "oh, I'll just peruse and grab myself a few odds and ends!" right out the door.

In case you missed the jubilant whoo-ing of foodies everywhere, Chrissy Teigen's home and kitchenware line at Target, dubbed Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, launches on Sept. 30, both in stores and online. The launch includes everything from dishes to cookware to something called a "Go-To Knife" that has piqued enough of my interest that I may actually learn how to cook. It also happens to coincide with the launch of Teigen's followup cookbook, Cravings: Hungry For More, which just woke up taste buds I didn't even know had been sitting dormant for years at there mere thought.

Essentially, if you are a human being who enjoys food, this September just turned into your birthday and New Year's and National Pizza Day all rolled into one. If you want to be prepared for the shopping melee of Sept. 30, you can take a peek at all the products that you'll be elbowing other people out of the way to buy — may the greatest Chrissy stan win.

1. Embossed Stoneware Bakeware

Embossed Stoneware Bakeware with Handle


Now when you Instagram yourself eating your stacked brownies straight out of the bakeware, said bakeware will match your ~aesthetic~.

2. Aluminum Saucepan With Lid

Aluminum Saucepan With Lid


This has been your unofficial PSA that millennial pink is canceled, and replaced by this stunning mint green-y gray (listed as "Gray" on Target's website) that is incorporated in Cravings by Chrissy's sauce pans. (Pro-tip: these come in all the standard shapes and sizes of pans and sauce pans to match!)

3. Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven


Honesty hour: I have never used a Dutch oven. But if Chrissy thinks I should, then maybe now is the time to figure out what it's for. Functionality aside — the depth of this color! The champagne finish of this handle!! It's so autumnal I may lay down in a pile of leaves and die.

4. The "Go-To" Knife

"My Go To" Serrated Santoku Knife


Teigen sings the praises of this particular knife, calling it her "Go To" — according to Target, it makes cutting things like chicken breast and tomato feel "effortless". That aside, if Chrissy Teigen tells you to buy a knife, you buy the knife, y'all.

5. Stoneware Pitcher

Stoneware Pitcher


Whoops, my hand slipped and I just invited a ton of people over to my apartment just so they could be impressed when I served them water out of this!! What a coincidence.

6. Acacia Wood Salad Serving Set

Acacia Wood Salad Serving Set


You know you've really achieved a certain level of having your life together when you own serving ware with the sole purpose of serving a salad, and these are honestly beautiful enough that I might just use them to shovel any non-salad food into my mouth.

7. Stoneware Latte Mug

Stoneware Latte Mug


I want to put something pumpkin-flavored in this and take pics of it propped between my cozy sock-clad feet so badly I may be shaking!!! This hold 22 ounces of liquid, so get ready to caffeinated like you've never caffeinated before.

8. Pinch Bowls

These teensy three inch bowls are perfect for ice cream and after dinner snacks and, most importantly, Instagramming on top of a perilously white bedspread when you feel like living on the edge.

9. Oval Stoneware Debossed Platter

Oval Stoneware Debossed Platter


Suddenly I just left my body and am instead standing three weeks in the future, where I sweep into my tiny studio apartment holding this with a flourish that makes the Betty Draper's fictional ghost shiver with envy.

Again, all of these items are just to ~look~ and not touch for now — the official drop comes on Sept. 30. In the meantime, please do yourself a favor and look at the full collection on Target's website, so you can live the full sophisticated, rustic glory that is Cravings by Chrissy. See y'all on the front lines at the end of the month!