9 Super Affordable Maxi Cardigans To Cosy Up In This Season

ASOS, Boohoo, Mango

Right now, the UK is experiencing some weird weather. One minute, you're freezing. The next, you're sweltering under your winter coat. So what are you supposed to wear on those in-between days? I have the answer and it goes by the name of a maxi cardi. I'm not referring to a taller version of the the legendary Cardi B. No, I'm talking about the humble cardigan. And thanks to the high street, there are plenty of longline cardigans to choose from.

A cardigan is the most overlooked cover-up and that's a fact. While everyone's faffing around with heavy coats and too lightweight jackets, they're missing out on the simplest piece of knitwear around. Instead of wearing a stifling jumper and being stuck in it all day, a cardigan can be whipped on and off when and wherever you please.

They don't have to be dull either. You can choose a plain version if you prefer or a loud pattern if you want to liven things up. Choose a chunky knit if you're likely to shiver or a lightweight style if you're forever feeling hot. Choose a midi length or super cosy maxi style.

Whichever one you go for, you won't regret it.