9 Meditations For ’GoT’s Battle Of King’s Landing, Because You’ll Need Something To Relax You


Well, Game of Thrones fans, the end is officially almost here. On Sunday, May 12, the penultimate Game Of Thrones episode, and it's going to be just as big as you'd imagine it would be... maybe even bigger. There have only been four episodes in season eight so far, but each one has been packed with drama, emotion, action, and a whole of anxiety-inducing moments. In fact, at this point, watching Game of Thrones is the best way to ensure you'll have Sunday night insomnia, as it's nearly impossible to fall into a sound sleep after getting a glimpse at what is going on in Westeros.

This episode isn't going to be any different — if anything, it's going to be even more stressful than the last few episodes. And yes, that includes the third episode, where we watched the Battle of Winterfell unfold, and everyone sat gaping at their television screens for nearly 90 minutes. Last week, Emilia Clarke — who plays Daenerys Targaryen — appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to hype up all of the viewers watching, saying this latest episode is going to be even "bigger" than episode three, and will involve a huge battle. We can only assume that battle is the Starks and Daenerys' army against Cersei Lannister and the Golden Company to take King's Landing, aka the Battle of King's Landing. So if you were missing a lot of action in episode four, it seems that's definitely going to happen this time around.

What else can we expect? Probably the deaths of more main characters we all know and love, and maybe even some more relationship meltdowns. It's going to be rough, and you're going to need to de-stress afterwards. Below are a few meditations to do after Game of Thrones season eight episode five, because you're going to need them:


15-Minute Deep Breathing Exercise

The best episodes of Game of Thrones often leave you feeling antsy, anxious, and totally restless... and you'll definitely need something to help you fall asleep and calm down. Try this 15 mine deep breathing, which will help you take it down a notch.


Ujjayi Breathing + Letting Go of Pain or Anxiety

Ujjayi breathing is another form of deep breathing that really allows you to get super relaxed and calm, no matter how stressed out you might be. This is something quick you can do to wind down before bed.


Guided Meditation For Grief, Loss, and Sadness

Let's be real: we might lose a big GoT character this episode. We might lose a few. Or more than a few. They might be fictional, but it's still devastating! Do this meditation if you're feeling really sad about the inevitable death that will happen during the episode.


Meditation For A Restless Mind

This episode might just leave your mind racing, and you'll feel like you can't really turn it off. It's very hard to fall asleep when you're feeling that restless, so try this meditation that is focused on getting you through that.


Long Deep Sleep Guided Meditation

Need extra help getting to sleep? Try this meditation. It's nearly three hours long, so it gets you to sleep and keeps you there. It's super soothing and will help talk you down.


Guided Meditation For Stress Relief

GoT might be fake, but it's still really stressful. If you're feeling super tense and need to feel better, try this quick 10-minute meditation to get the job done.


Create Positive Energy Meditation

If you're feeling super down from the episode, try this meditation. It's supposed to help boost positive energy, leaving you feeling a bit happier and less sad. It's a great way to end the night and start the work week!


Guided Meditation For Releasing Anger

Instead of sad, you might finish off the episode feeling angry. That's not a good way to feel before sleep either! Use this guided meditation to calm down and feel less furious.


Wind Down Yoga

If you need to do more than just sit there meditating, try an easy, gentle yoga video. It's designed to soothe you and get you super relaxed and ready for bed.