9 Meditations To Practice This Halloween To Protect Yourself From Bad Vibes

Halloween is synonymous with spirits, making Oct. 31 the eerily perfect time for your spiritual practice. While some may assume this means you'll need a pointy black hat and an ancient spell book, all you'll really need is access to YouTube. These meditations for Halloween will release negativity, promote the power of your intuition and generally be more of a treat than a trick. And you won't even need to be a witch to cast a positive spell over you.

Forget goblins and ghosts, what's scarier than your sacred space infested with anxiety and negativity? Before Halloween was about candy bars and a fictional serial killer named Michael Myers, it focused on deeper matters. Known to the ancient Celts as Samhain, the holiday occurred on Oct. 31 as the season visibly turned (well, died) from summer to winter. The festival prepared for the winter's crippling cold and the arrival of ... the dead. According to the Celtics believed spirits returned for "causing trouble and damaging crops." To ward off these pesky spirits, hearth fires were built as protection from not only spirit but the winter ahead.

In a way, the early traditions of Halloween were about protection. Keeping your space safe from the evil spirits that threatened it when the ~other side~ released them amongst the living. While we might not have to worry about literal crop hungry zombies, I'd say anxiety, fear and self-doubt are figurative zombies. Gnawing away at our inner strength. These meditations for Halloween might not be to protect against any actual ghosts. But they are more in line with the ~spirit~ of the ancient holiday: protection from negativity.

Rise of the Phoenix

According to Forever Conscious, "Halloween is all about celebrating the cycle of death and rebirth ... Death and rebirth is an important cycle that is seen in nature constantly, and it’s also something that is mirrored within us. We are always going through our own process of shedding, releasing and rebirthing ourselves as we travel along the journey of life." Ain't that the truth! Around Halloween, this theme is as relevant as ever. And so it could be the perfect time to, ahem, ~meditate~ on your own transformation as a person.

Higher Self Meditation

While you're meditating, why not get down with your higher self? Tap into the energy that has the ability to heal your past emotional wounds and step into the role of the baddest (good) witch.

Energy Cleansing Meditation

Goblins might not be creeping into your home but negativity can accumulate in corners of your abode like intruding dust bunnies. Since your home is your sanctuary, you're going to want to ward off the nay-sayers. You don't have to take it so far as shaking salt around the perimeter of your home. Perhaps smudge your space with a dried sage stick and engage in this lightening energy cleansing meditation.

White Light Protection

If there is a portal open between the spiritual world and the physical world in which something not-so-nice could sneak into your space, practice this meditation of protection. You'll be cocooned in warm energy.

Positive Mindfulness Meditation

Negativity? No thanks! Positive Magazine is a YouTube channel serving ASMR level mindfulness through an extensive playlist of meditations. This particular 10 minute meditation will drown out the shrieks from the horror movie marathon playing next door and lead you to calmer, quieter bliss.

Unlock Your Magic

Maybe you don't fancy yourself a witch or a wizard, but that doesn't mean you don't have magic within you. We all have a level of intuition and psychic ability in our spiritual toolbox. It's what tells us not to walk down that eerie street and lets us know to check our inbox at the exact moment we receive a sale notification for our favorite shop. This Halloween, light a few candles, relax, and unlock your powers!

7 Chakra Meditation For Cleansing

Cleanse everything that's ailed you and start anew with this thorough chakra meditation.

Ease Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety and fear, in my opinion, are much worse than a ghoul whose escaped for one night only. I practice this meditation weekly to keep my anxiety from wreaking havoc on my metaphorical crops. Halloween would be a good time to engage in meditating against fear!

Trusting Your Intuition

Our intuition is one of our greatest tools. A magic power, if you will. And you don't even need an invitation to attend Hogwarts to access it. Just YouTube and a few free minutes to practice an intuition meditation on All Hallow's Eve.