These Tutorials Prove Morphe's Newest Palette Is Their Best Release Yet

If you can't get enough YouTube beauty gurus, there's a pretty good chance you heard of nearly everyone's favorite affordable brand: Morphe. From their collaboration with Jaclyn Hill to their affordable brushes, the brand has won devoted fans. Now, Morphe's 35O2 palette has dropped, and if you love warm toned eyeshadows and vlogger crafted tutorials, Oct. 12 is your lucky day.

If the palette's name sounds familiar, it should. It's the second iteration of the brand's extremely popular 35O palette. The original collection of eyeshadows was also a beauty blogger favorite, but it's new and improved cousin is definitely giving it a run for its money.

For lovers of warm tones, affordability, and beauty blogger-approved products, the Morphe 35O2 Second Nature palette is the new must-have. Morphe has basically undergone a full rebranding in the past few weeks including new packaging and a new logo, and the new palette is the first to debut since the change. With sleek black packaging and gorgeous block white lettering, the palette itself is gorgeous. It also comes with a bonus for Jaclyn Hill fans. According to a Snapchat posted prior to the Oct. 12 launch date, Hill explained that she actually helped Morphe founder Linda Tawil create half the colors in the palette.

Hill, however, isn't the only beauty influencer to approve the palette. YouTube has been blowing up with gurus reviewing and swatching the 35 shades. If you're considering dropping the $23 for the palette — and at that price, why not? — you should definitely check out all the ways to use it, courtesy of some of everyone's favorite vloggers.

1. MannyMUA

Since Jaclyn Hill helped create part of the palette, it makes sense that Manny would cite the feel of the shadows as being similar to her Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette. Even if the formula isn't officially new, however, this palette is still MannyMUA approved.

2. Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley loves the new 35O2, and even says it's a better palette than the 35O.

3. ThaTaylaa

What better recommendation can you get than chills? ThaTaylaa reports she got chills from this beauty.

4. BabsBeauty

How gorgeous is this halo eye from BabsBeauty, though?

5. Courtelizz1

Want to peep swatches of the new 35O2? Courtelizz1 gives them to you, and they're stunning.

6. Jeydie Yenik

If you want to check out a review from someone without an affiliate code, Jeydie's is super in depth.

7. EvetteXO

Want a side-by-side comparison? Evettexo has you covered.

8. NikkieTutorials

If it's NikkieTutorials approved, then is there any reason not to try Morphe's latest launch?

9. Shani Grimmond

If you want to see how the black color in the palette performs, Shani Grimmond is giving it to you.

The consensus on the palette is clear. Not only are the shades gorgeous in the pan, but they're also stunning when swatched, blendable, and pigmented. How could you not love that?

Fans are already rejoicing over their purchases on social media, but as of press time, the palette has not sold out. That doesn't mean you should sleep on it, though. While the original 35O is a permanent member of the Morphe family, there's been no word on whether the second iteration will be.

It's always better to be safe than sorry, right?