9 Multitasking Beauty Products That Will Save You Serious Time & Money

Cosmetic mock up bottles. Branding identity mockup concept.

Multifaceted, multitasking, hybrid... Whatever you want to call them, multipurpose beauty products are having a moment all over again. Put simply, these formulas have the ability to do more than one thing, whether it's safely tinting lips, cheeks, and eyes, or working as a foundation, concealer, and highlighter.

Not only will these products reduce the weight of an overflowing makeup bag, but they'll also save you a hell of a lot of money. What's more, they tend to come in handy sizes that'll fit in your everyday bag with ease. And you don't have to be an expert to know how to use them. With stick formats and blendable formulas, applying them tends to take literal seconds.

If that wasn't enough, many products are also infused with nourishing ingredients to keep skin healthy and balanced all day long. That means you may end up spending both less money and time on your skincare routine too. Another benefit ticked off.

So the next time you need to touch up your look while out and about or want to downsize your holiday packing, consider investing in one of the following multipurpose formulas. (Of course, they're ideal for time-saving daily use as well.)