I've Tried Countless New Beauty Products in 2019 & These 23 Are The Best

This year has been massive for beauty. We've seen certain ingredients take centre stage (think bakuchiol, snow mushroom, and buckwheat), wellness and lifestyle blending into beauty, and an increasing importance placed on clean, sustainable products. Speaking of products, 2019 has seen a lot come and go. And in terms of the ones that have come, I've been lucky enough to try a bunch of them, and feel qualified to recommend the 23 best beauty launches of 2019 so you know what to spend your hard earned dollar on.

There has been no shortage of makeup, skincare, body, and hair care launching this year, and the market is more saturated than ever. Knowing what's actually worth it can become a job in itself, and sometimes you can end up feeling disappointed and a little robbed by your choices. This is why I wanted to make this varied list, which comprises everything from budget £10 foundations with dozens of shades, to boujee science-backed skincare you may have to save up for a little while longer. I hope you find it useful and are able to base some of your future beauty purchases on these recommendations, which I've been completely transparent and truthful about.

Now let's see what 2020 has to bring!