9 New Paperbacks That Are Even More Gorgeous Than The Original Editions

by Sadie Trombetta

Don't get me wrong, I love good hardcover book, but am I the only one who finds them inconvenient sometimes? They're size, rigidity, and weight make them sometimes impossible to hold comfortably, which is why I tend to prefer paperbacks like these that are not only better for things like beach reading and travel, but whose covers are even more gorgeous than their hardcover editions.

Let's face it: paperbacks get a bad rap. Despite the fact they house the same incredible stories as their hardcover predecessors, there are a lot of readers out there who think they're cheaply made or poorly designed. But the truth is, paperbacks are just as wonderful as hardcovers, and they can even be more attractive than their pricier cloth-bound cousins. Not to mention, they make a much better summer companion than hardbacks. Have you ever tried to read a hardcover and the beach and had it fall on your face, or tried to fit one in your carry-on only to find it takes up most of the available space? In many cases, paperbacks just make more sense.

If you (like me!) are team paperback, check out these nine newly released and freshly designed books whose covers are even more gorgeous than their hardcover versions.

'Do Not Become Alarmed' by Maile Meloy

Despite the title's instructions, it is hard to look at the cover of Maile Meloy's Do Not Become Alarmed without, well, becoming alarmed. A gripping thriller about two families whose perfect holiday cruise turns into a living nightmare when the children disappear, this chilling tale which is told from the perspective of the adults and the missing children — is a true page-turner. That is, if you can ever take your eyes of it's stunning new redesigned paperback cover.

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'Bonfire' by Krysten Ritter

In this haunting debut, actress Krysten Ritter transports readers to Barrens, a remote rural town in Indiana whose mere five square miles is filled to the brim with dangerous secrets. When Abby Williams, an environmental lawyer and former local who has been trying to run from her small-town roots for a decade, is forced to return to the place she once called home, she uncovers a secret ritual that may be connected not only to Barren's biggest scandal, but her own dark past. A twisty literary tale that will have you on the edge of your seat, Bonfire is a tantalizing thriller whose new cover perfectly captures its unsettling mood.

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'Stay with Me' by Ayobami Adebayo

Set in Ilesa, Nigera, Stay With Me tells the story of Yejide and Akin, a married couple who has agreed that, unlike many couples around them, polygamy was not for them. That is, until Yejide cannot get pregnant, and Akin's parents arrive with a young woman meant to be his second wife. Desperate to preserve her relationship, Yejide is determined to get pregnant — which she does — but at what cost? A powerful story about love, loyalty, and the lengths we're willing to go to protect ourselves, this novel is as gorgeous as its new paperback cover.

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'The Last Mrs. Parrish' by Liv Constantine

In her exclusive town of Bishops Harbor, Connecticut, Amber Patterson is an absolute nobody — but she won't be for long if her master plan to insinuate herself into the life of the beautiful, rich, and powerful Daphne Parrish. It takes no time at all for Amber and her manipulation skills to win Daphne and her family over, but when something from her past threatens her bright future, Amber fears she might lose everything she's worked for. An intoxicating read that will have you guessing until the very last page, The Last Mrs. Parrish is the perfect beach read, one with a perfect new paperback cover to match.

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'The Burning Girl' by Claire Messud

A captivating coming-of-age story about friendship, identity, and female adolescence, The Burning Girl explores the relationship between two childhood friends who find their paths diverging in dramatically different directions. Sharp and poignant, this phenomenal work of psychological fiction forces readers to take a hard look in the mirror and ask, can anyone really ever know themselves, let alone other people?

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'Love and Other Consolation Prizes' by Jamie Ford

A breathtaking work of historical fiction, Love and Other Consolation Prizes tells the story of Ernest Young, a half-Chinese orphan who is auctioned off at the Chicago World's Fair to an exuberant madam who runs a famous brothel. Baffled and appalled at his circumstance, Ernest soon finds his new role as a house boy, as well as his blossoming friendships with the madam's daughter Maisie and a scullery maid named Fahn actually gives way to what he's always wanted and never had: a family. But, 50 years later and in the shadow of the second World's Fair, Ernest is struggling to not just keep his ailing wife together, but to keep their secret past hidden from their grown-up daughters.

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'Little & Lion' by Brandy Colbert

In this Stonewall Book Award Winner, teenager Suzette leaves her New England boarding school to return home, the place where she has everything: her friends, her crush, and her family, including her brother Lionel, who has been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But when Suzette starts falling for the girl Lionel is in love with at the same time his disorder begins to spiral out of control, she is forced to face the mistakes of her past if she wants any chance at a future, for her and her brother. A heartwarming story with unforgettable characters — who are now brought to life on the new paperback cover — Little & Lion is a beautiful book suitable for readers of all ages.

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'Dunbar' by Edward St. Aubyn

Continue your Hogarth Shakespeare collection with the gorgeous new paperback version of Dunbar, Edward St. Aubyn's remarkable retelling of King Lear. A devastating family tragedy that recasts the famous father as the once all-powerful leader of a global media company and his daughters as greedy and diabolical monsters, this modern reimagination of one of the most beloved of the Bard's tale is a must-read.

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'Jane, Unlimited' by Kristin Cashore

Mourning the loss of the beloved aunt that raised her, Jane, just a year out of high school, is devastated and directionless. That is, until an opportunity of a lifetime comes her way in the form of an invitation to the famous Thrash estate, Tu Reviens. There, she finds choices that could change — and define — the rest of her life. A genre-bending YA novel that will enchant readers young and old, Jane, Unlimited is a fun and original story with a brand new cover to match.

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