9 Relaxing Sprays & Oils For A Super Successful Wind-Down Session

January consists of struggling to get back into a routine. (That's what a few weeks of non-stop eating and drinking does to you.) But one of the hardest post-Christmas parts has to be the sleep schedule. Before December, you were likely to stick to your weekday bedtime like clockwork. Now, you probably find yourself regularly awake after midnight, feeling like a zombie when that 7 a.m. alarm hits. If that's the case, you may need the assistance of a particularly genius invention: the sleep spray.

Usually containing a dreamy blend of essential oils, these products are designed to send you off to sleep stress-free. Not only do they allow the mind to unwind, but they also have the added benefit of making your bedroom smell like a five-star spa.

Many come in the form of pillow sprays. A quick spritz on your pillow and you're set. For a slightly less intense experience, invest in a reed diffuser. Or, if you're into slathering yourself in luxurious fragrances, try a sleep-targeted body oil.

From the budget-friendly to the truly luxurious, here are the sleep products you need to know about in 2020. Handy hint: don't forget to pick up the travel-sized version for all your overseas jaunts.