9 Pet Names Inspired By Space, From Constellations To Planets To Stars


When searching for inspiration, the best place to look is up. Deciding on the name is one of the more difficult decisions one can make in life. It's also one of the most exciting. When you name a pet, you are afforded a level of freedom you don't have when naming a human child. So, you can pretty much name a pet anything and receive little backlash (within reason, of course). Basically, let your imagination run wild and let the stars guide you to find a perfect space-inspired pet name.

The name game is an interesting one, and naming humans is serious business. My real name, for instance, was chosen in part because of how sophisticated it sounds. But I go by Callie, because it's a bit more lighthearted. That said, when it's a furry friend you're naming, you don't need to consider how it will look on a resume, or how common it will be in a classroom. All that matters for your pet's name is how it makes you feel when you say it out loud. Take it from someone with a cat named "Pig" — there's value in an unexpected pet name. Surely one from the list below will inspire wonder.