9 John Kelly Photos That Make You Wonder If He'll Really Stick With Trump Through 2020

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White House chiefs of staff are an integral part of any presidential administration, though their work to keep things running smoothly can sometimes go unnoticed by the general public. This is definitely not the case for current chief of staff, of course — he is quite regularly in the news. But John Kelly, who doesn't always so happy in photos, is much different than many other people who work for the administration. He's more elusive, less chummy with the press, and thus-far, largely scandal-free.

It's difficult to learn many concrete details about Kelly beyond how he functions professionally. Most of what is known about him as a person comes from unnamed White House sources, and that doesn't seem likely to change any time soon.

One thing that is clear is that the Trump presidency has been a lot of work for Kelly, whose first job in the administration was running the Department of Homeland Security. However, he was only in that position for a few months before he quickly ascended to the White House, taking on his current role as chief of staff.

Rumors have long spread about when Kelly plans to leave the White House, though none have ever been confirmed. Most recently, in fact, a report released on Tuesday suggested he could be be in it for the long run. The New York Times reported that, according to sources within the administration, Kelly has agreed to fulfill his role through 2020. Regardless, he doesn't look particularly amused in these photos.

He Makes This Face A lot

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During military briefings, festive events, and just about everything in between, Kelly dons pretty much this exact face.

It's Not New

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Kelly has worked for the Trump administration since its inception. And he was notably poker faced on the day he was sworn into his position as chief of staff.

During A Congressional Hearing

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Kelly didn't just recently start appearing a little overwhelmed. This shot is from May of 2017, when he was still Sec. of Homeland Security.

This Photo From Summer 2017

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Kelly appeared lost in thought after leaving an immigration-related press conference in in June of 2017.

Group Photos Are No Exception

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Kelly appears similarly stoic whether he is alone or whether he is surrounded by other government officials.

Turning Away From The Camera

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With his head turned away after an October 2017 meeting between Trump and UN Secretary General António Guterres, Kelly appeared to be lost in thought.

Inside & Outside

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Kelly appeared to grimace before Trump headed to a campaign event in Arizona last August.

He's Often Staring Off

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Kelly is often captured looking into the middle distance, like he was this time, after attending a Medal of Honor ceremony in July of 2017.

His Hands Are On His Face — A Lot

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At a FEMA meeting early in June of 2018, Kelly appears to rub the outer edges of the bridge of his nose. As always, he isn't looking at the camera, and appears to be a little tired.

Kelly has been chief of staff for just over a year, but he looks the same in most photos. His hands are often on his face, or else he is looking out into the horizon. Of course, it's not possible to know exactly what he is thinking, but there definitely seems to be a pattern when it comes to his self-expression.