9 Items You Can Buy With Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Face On Them In Honor Of Her 85th Birthday
by JR Thorpe

Mar. 15 is the 85th birthday of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she of "Notorious RBG" fame. Bader Ginsburg is an inspirational figure for hundreds of reasons, not least because she shows no signs of retiring from the Supreme Court or stopping fighting for progressive causes. In 2017, she declared herself a "flaming feminist litigator," and 2018 heralds her 25th year as one of America's most powerful justices; she's overseen some of the most influential legal battles in recent American history, from the fight for marriage equality to landmark ruling on gender discrimination and disability rights. So how do you show your appreciation for her on her 85th birthday? With some feminist, RBG-themed swag, of course.

Bader Ginsburg started out her badass career by becoming a lawyer, "when women were not wanted by the legal profession," as she states in the upcoming documentary about her life, RBG. She was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton in 1993, becoming only the second woman to be appointed to the office, according to TIME. (The first was Sandra Day O'Connor; today, RBG is joined by Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.) You can celebrate her incredible accomplishments by literally wearing them on your sleeve, on your mug, or by making a charitable donation in her honor. Happy 85th, RBG; may it be an amazing one.


"I Dissent" Tee

"I Dissent" Tee, $23, Spreadshirt

We all know the Notorious RBG tagline — and so does Ginsburg herself, who's apparently kitted out many of her friends and coworkers with swag with her adopted tagline, according to The Cut. If you want to do something a big different, here's a version of the famous crowned RBG with a new slogan: I DISSENT, a valued and important message in these troubled times.


"When There Are Nine" Tee

"When There Are Nine" Tee, $20, TeePublic

One of RBG's most famous quotes is her response to the question about the point where there will be "enough" women on the Supreme Court bench: the justice responded, "when there are nine." And this beautiful image from Gin & Ink Designs is a pretty elegant way of expressing the idea that equality means parity in all things.


"Real Tired Of Your Homophobic Sh*t" Mug

"Real Tired Of Your Homophobic Sh*t" Mug, $13, LookHuman

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been an ally for the LGBTQ community over the years, particularly in her explicit support of same-sex marriage and equal rights under the law. And while she's never expressed this particular opinion, plenty of people would be SO ready to hear it from her. Carry her sassy self as you get your caffeine hit.


"My Own Words" Autobiography,

"My Own Words" Autobiography, $18, Amazon

In 2016, when the political landscape in America looked rather different, Ruth Bader Ginsburg released My Own Words, a collection of interviews and essays about everything from her period in the law to Jewishness and education. It's witty, wry and definitely worth a read.


Dissent Collar Necklace

Dissent Collar Necklace, $11, Dissent Pins

Dissent Pins produces a range of amazing products, and half of all their profits go to charities like the Center for Reproductive Rights. And just for today, in honor of RBG's 85th, products like her Dissent Collar are on sale. Get yourself a copy of her famous lace jabot, give a donation, and look amazing. Recipe for excellence.


RBG Lego Keychain

RBG Lego Keychain, $16, Etsy

Want to bring a bit of RBG around with you? There's a keychain for that. Customizable RBG Lego isn't available at your local store, alas, but Etsy seller TheMermaidSays is on it for you: your RBG keychain has a highly recognizable judge's robe, glasses and a gavel for dealing out some feminist dissent.


RBG Baby Mobile, $250.00, Etsy

RBG Baby Mobile, $250, Etsy

Got a feminist new arrival and really want to push the boat out? This hand-knitted custom-made RBG baby mobile features numerous floating justices above the head of your offspring, giving them something seriously inspiring to think about.


"Herstory In The Making" Pin

"Herstory In The Making" Pin, $15, NMAJH

The RBG effect on history (and herstory) has been substantial, and you can celebrate her influence by wearing it on your sleeve, or coat lapel. This "herstory in the making" enamel pin from the National Museum of American Jewish History is a statement piece that will look just perfect beside your "Nevertheless, She Persisted" pins.


A Donation

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you don't feel like declaring yourself an RBG fan with themed clothing or accessories, a charitable donation makes an amazing birthday gift. Ginsburg founded the Women's Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union in 1972 and worked there until she was appointed to the federal bench in 1980. These days, the ACLU continues to do amazing work in the quest for reproductive freedom, equal rights and legal justice for Americans, so honoring RBG with a donation would be more than suitable. Ginsburg has also given support to Legal Momentum, an organization that fights for women's legal rights in America, and has internships, events and ways to donate.