9 Items You Can Get For Shark Week

Courtesy of Brands

The greatest week ever is almost here. Shark Week starts on Discovery this Sunday, July 28, and it'll bless us for eight straight days, ending on Sunday, August 4. The fishies would want you to celebrate this the right way, starting with these nine items you can get for Shark Week.

No fish is respected — and feared — as much as the shark. Have you ever heard of Atlantic Cod Week? No, because it doesn't exist.

Sharks rule the ocean and the food chain, and yet, they're still largely misunderstood. For instance, as The Guardian explains, despite what Hollywood depicts, sharks don't actually enjoy eating people. They respond much more to the smell of other fish and seals. The reason we have shark attacks is because they're curious creatures, and not because they love the taste of us.

National Geographic adds that if they do take a bite out of a human, they often spit it out. Why? Because we're too bony! Sharks have standards, people. They don't want just anything for lunch.

To be clear, if I'm in the ocean and I feel something touch my feet, I'm still going to assume it's a shark circling me in preparation to pounce — but if Shark Week feels more like Christmas morning to you and you want to go all out this year, you might want to add these nine items to your shopping list.


Build-A-Bear Sharks

Do yourself a favor. Go to the mall. Go to the mall right this instant and relive all your '90s childhood dreams. Stop at Sbarro for a slice of pizza, go get something pierced at Claire's, and then head to Build-A-Bear for these adorable stuffed creatures — Shark Week style.

(BTW, you can also buy them online.)


Knockaround Sunglasses

You're going to need sunglasses anyway. The summer rays aren't kind on the eyes. These Knockarounds feature Great White teeth on the front and gills and fins along the arms. The ultimate in fashion.


Sock Fancy Socks

This four-sock set from Sock Fancy is going to be the best thing that's ever happened to you. It's called fashion, Karen. Look it up. If you truly care about Shark Week, you'll care of about it from the top of your head, all the way down to your toes.



It's hot out, and it's important to stay hydrated. Take this Shark Week-themed tumbler from Vineyard Vines with you everywhere you go.


iPhone Case

I know you're in love with your phone case that has little avocados on it. It's cute. It's adorable. It's full of potential food combos and tastes great spread over toast. But this is Shark Week. Show some respect.



Keep your beverages cold this summer with an official Shark Week coozie. Take it to work. Take it to the beach. Everybody is going to be so jealous.



It may be 100 degrees outside, but it's always a good time for a shark blanket. This one is extra special. Slip into it and it looks like the shark is making a little snack out of you.


Plush Toy

"Ugh, I don't know," I hear you saying. "Do I really need another plush?" Yes. Yes you do. Especially when it's in honor of Shark Week. Something tells me this will make the *perfect* cuddle buddy.


Travel Mug

You're going to look like one sexy beast walking around town with this Shark Week travel mug. Can you believe how lifelike that picture is? I can almost hear the Jaws theme song playing softly in the background.