9 Stylish Fleece Jackets Available In The UK That Will Keep You Warm & Fluffy All Winter Long

Jaded London / Syd & Mallory

Fleeces really are hot right now, and you will be too once you get yours. Yes, fashion focused friends, it is time for another round up on what is going down in the fashion world. And y'all, this one is as comfy as it is fashion forward. I guess some might say it is fashion backward as this is not a brand new garment, but guys, these stylish fleece jackets available in the UK are actually pretty lit.

You heard me right. Zipped way up tight so you can cover the lower part of your face like a half mask, shielding you from the beast from the east incumbent. According to experts it looks like this winter is going to be an absolute shocker. Now if I have said it once I have said it a thousand times — comfort is vital when it comes to fashion. Luckily for us, we live in a time where trainers, tracksuits, and teeshirts are in. Days of girdles, heels, torture device-esque bras, and way too tight garms are up.

It is far more chic in 2018 to wear an oversized top and trousers, comfy AF trainers and to prance around like the ultimate lounge lizard. And fleeces are here to basically be the icing on the cosy cake.

UO Floral Fleece Track Top


Urban Outfitters

Just when you thought fleece couldn't be super glam — this came along. The red and green seriously pops against the black and oh my does it say "hey I am gorgie but also cosy." Available in sizes XS to L.

Neon Yellow Fleece Jacket With Reflective Zip Puller


Jaded London

Not only cosy but sensible for any sort of late night walking and also will make you easy to find in a supermarket. Ugh, this colour is so heartbreakingly gorgeous. I'll take ten, thank you. Available in S/M and M/L

Printed Funnel Neck Fleece Jacket


Marks And Spencer

Casually strolls down the road with the actual ocean printed all over her. You will absolutely stand out for the very best reasons in this little gem. Be your own cosy and steezy self in this gorgeous light weight number, available in sizes 6 to 24.

Mattawa Lavender



Move over millennial pink, see ya later Gen Z yellow, shout out to everything's fine lavender (tm). A colour so gorgeous it will help you pretend the world is A-OK and keep you not only cosy, but on trend. Check the accent pocket and zips that is like a notebook from "Saved By The Bell." Fabulous and available in S, M, and L.

ASOS DESIGN Fleece Zip Through Jacket In Zebra Borg



OK so technically, yes that is a man in this picture and it is from the men's department but (a) gendered anything is stupid, and (b) you know you want this right now. Animal print goes with everything, and you have a more broad size range in this gorgeous piece, with sizes XXS to 3XL available.

Syd & Mallory Strip Tease Fleece


ASOS Marketplace

Handmade by in Sheffield by independent brand Syd & Mallory, this orange number is as bright as it is stylish. Carefully placed panels of denim with their nude repeat pattern on them means this fleece is a bit more of a stylish, smart fleece. Can be dressed up or down, which is always a bonus in this unpredictable weather. Available in S to XXL.

Women's Pullover Sherpa Hoodie



Sweet baby angel lamb realness in this fleece/hoodie combo from sports brand super star Nike. A more interestingly placed zip means you can wear this slightly muted piece with a strong print underneath. Available in XS to XL.

Tokyo Doll White Neon Trim Colour Block Fleece


New Look

Oh behave New Look! Combining fluro, leopard print, and block colours? Incredible. And an absolute bargain. Will sell out soon I imagine so snatch one up ASAP, available in S—L.

Flirt Colourblock Fleece Sweatshirt


Forever 21

Slightly, cough, familiar font on that slogan there but I am so into it. Anyway, wear what you want to do and live ya life...for under 20 quid. Available in S—L.

With fleeces this cool, you will be hoping for snow. Go get yours before the cold sets in.