Sugar Cookie Is The "It" Flavor This Holiday Season — Here Are 9 Things To Try

Yasso; Smashmallow

Sugar cookies are perhaps the most simple of all cookies. In fact, most cookies you eat begin with some form of sugar cookie dough. A classic sugar cookie dough contains flour, butter, eggs, a leavener, and, of course, sugar. But, do you know what else has all these ingredients? Chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter cookies, and countless others. Basically, every classic cookie is just a upgraded sugar cookie. But, there is something exquisite about the pure, indulgent buttery sweetness of a sugar cookie. Looking for something new and notable? Try these nine sugar cookie-flavored snacks you can buy.

In a perfect world, you could eat sugar cookies at any time of day, for any and every meal. Technically nobody is stopping you, but chances are you won't feel very good after eating cookies for breakfast. This is why is is so wonderful that there are so many sugar cookie-flavored products to choose from. Especially during the wintertime and holiday season, you have ample opportunities to enjoy the deliciousness of sugar cookies during any time of day. Make sure you check out these nine different sugar cookie products you can get in stores or online right now. You'll probably want to stock up for the rest of the year.


Sugar Cookie Little Bites

You've probably had a Little Bites Blueberry Muffin before, but they're nothing compared to the sweet marvel that is a sugar cookie combined with a muffin — this year these treats were spotted by @junkbanter.


Sugar Cookie Frozen Greek Yogurt

Another @junkbanter find; if you have ever tried freezing a container of greek yogurt, you know the results are far from appetizing. Luckily, Yasso has unlocked the secret to great frozen greek yogurt. This holiday season, they have released two limited edition flavors: Peppermint Crunch and Sugar Cookie.


Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts

There is a lot of debate over which flavor of Pop-Tart is the best. People often ally themselves with either fruit flavors or cinnamon sugar. But, rarely do these conversations consider the true holder of the title of Best Pop-Tart. Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts are simple and divine, and only available during the holiday season, so stock up. Instagram user JunkBanter snapped this pic of the treat.


Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch

A festive take on the beloved Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, this Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch cereal is perfect for those who enjoy the original, but wished it had a little less cinnamon.


Sugar Cookie Kettle Corn

Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP has combined a favorite treat and go-to snack to create a sweet, fluffy, crunchy munchie you can eat by the handful.


Sugar Cookie Marshmallows


If you're that person who ate the marshmallows intended for hot chocolate straight from the bag, Smashmallows were created for you. They're gluten free and organic, and intended for snacking. Plus they come in fun flavors like Sugar Cookie!


Sugar Cookie Skillet

So, this one may be an actual cookie, but have you ever seen a skillet sugar cookie before? Usually skillet cookies are limited to the chocolate chip variety, but not anymore, thanks to this found at Walmart!


Sugar Cookie Coffee Creamer

Now you can sip the sweet, sweet flavor of sugar cookies, too! the International Delight Frosted Sugar Cookie creamer is guaranteed to make your mornings a lot sweeter.


Sugar Cookie Tea

Sugar Cookie Sleight Ride is a tea variety that has gained a cult following. The tea is made with milk thistle, roasted barley, orange peel, and vanilla bean to give it a fresh from-the-oven taste. Find it at Target.