9 Surprising Foods That Can Impact Your Vaginal Health

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

When eating particular foods, we usually think about what is good for our body or our energy levels, but we don't usually pick a meal based on what it will do to our vaginal heatlh. However, there are a number of foods that can impact vaginal health, and this can be anything from causing a yeast infection or even some unwanted odor. It's not exactly something you learn in nutrition class, but if you're looking to keep your vaginal health in tact, you'll want to make sure you're tweaking your lifestyle to make sure everything runs smoothly with your reproductive system.

"Diet affects everything, and the vagina follows the same rules of thumb as the rest of your body," Dr. Angela Jones, M.D., FACOG, tells Bustle. "Too much sugar — not a good thing. Too much alcohol — not a good thing." Everything in moderation.

Some of these foods, especially the ones that just affect smell, are still healthy for you, which means you don't want to cut them out completely. Just make sure you're balancing them with other food groups. To keep your vaginal health in tip-top shape, pay attention to these nine surprising foods that can may impact vaginal health, according to experts.

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