9 Things That Can Make You Poop

It's safe to say, it's important to poo. Not only does it help your body eliminate toxins and have better digestion, but it can also prevent that uncomfortable, tight jean feeling we all hate. So, knowing things that can make you poop, especially when you're hit with a bout of constipation or abdominal pain, can be truly lifesaving.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on keeping a regular digestive schedule, as the body can get pretty tripped up when it's backed up. Usually this means eating a high fiber diet, fitting in adequate exercise, getting enough sleep, and basically just keeping a pretty healthy, standard lifestyle. Plus, a probiotic can also help regulate the gut (in capsule form). Yet, sometimes the body resists the urge to poop and gets off track. This can last for a few days, but also a few weeks (which you can imagine, totally sucks). Whether you're constipated from a direct trigger, like a vacation or a few slices of matzoh, or you're chronically a bit more bloated, it's best to remedy the situation, stat. If you're having a hard time pooping, look to these 10 easy tricks for stimulating the digestive tract and getting some of that sh*t out.

1. Drinking Water

Sure, you might know the basics for getting things going, like eating fibrous foods, such as beans, legumes, and whole grains, but you can also become constipated when you're not drinking enough water in the day, explains Elizabeth Ann Shaw, MS, RD, CLT, over email with Bustle. Dehydration can lead to a build up, so drink fluids throughout to stay regular.

2. Squatting

According to a 2012 study published in the Digestive Diseases and Sciences journal, squatting can make you poop, so it might be worth doing a few more sets at the gym to get your body used to the movement. Just think: When it burns and you want to complain, remember these other super important benefits.

3. Drink Warm Water With Lemon

Over interview with Lifehacker, Dr. Felice Schnoll-Sussman, a gastroenterologist explained that drinking the mixture of warm water with squeezed lemon can be particularly beneficial for getting the gut going. Try having a cup first thing in the morning to jumpstart your day.

4. Get Omega 3's

According to Yuri Elkaim, Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, over interview with U.S. News, getting enough healthy fats in omega 3 form can help move things through the colon. You can get this from healthy fish, like salmon, or castor oil, as well.

5. Get A Workout In

Apparently, there are more reasons to get your sweat on. Apart from heart health and weight management, the motion of exercise movements can help boost digestion and relax the colon. If you stick with regular workouts, you'll be regular all over.

6. Drink Coffee

Nutritionist and founder of Sydney City Nutritionist, Jennifer May, told The Huffington Post Australia that drinking coffee can stimulate the bowels, so don't worry about that daily cup of java. Feel free to enjoy, as it'll make your digestive tract happy, as well.

7. Drink Some Peppermint Tea

According to research at the University of Maryland, drinking peppermint tea can help prevent irritable bowel syndrome. As a holistic remedy, that's all natural, it can help ease the digestive tract muscles and lead to more regular poops. Try a cup after dinner for a bedtime ritual.

8. Drink Aloe Vera Water

According to Ilyse Schapiro, MS, RD, CDN, over email with Bustle, aloe vera can help increase digestion and get your bowels moving. "It's becoming more popular to drink, and can help with reflux, but it also has a laxative effect," says Schapiro.

9. Eat Garlic

Schapiro recommends using garlic as a flavor enhancer in foods if you're feeling backed up. "Garlic contains fructans, which are fermented by the gut and can cause bowel movements," Schapiro says. Try adding to a veggie stirfy or using in a marinade.

Tryings some of these tips could definitely get things going again when you're feeling stuck. And, most of these tricks are actually pretty awesome.