What Fans Need From Yolanda Hadid's New Show

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you miss seeing Yolanda Hadid on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I have some news that might make you feel better: Hadid has her own reality show in the works. The new Lifetime series is a competition show with teenagers and their momagers competing for a modeling contract tentatively titled Model Moms. There have been plenty of modeling reality shows and Real Housewives spinoff series that I've watched, so I have a good idea about the things fans will want to see from Yolanda Hadid's new reality show.

There are plenty of reality TV shows about modeling and moms-turned-managers, so Hadid needs to take what works from those while finding her own way to stand out from the pack. Sure, I'll give the show a shot no matter what since it combines two of my favorite things: Real Housewives and mom-centered reality shows that are (supposedly) about the kids.

Unfortunately, I do not know Hadid, but if she wants to hire me as a self-proclaimed reality TV expert to consult on Model Moms, I would be glad to oblige. I have a lot of ideas that I know her fans would love to see.

1. A Cameo Appearance (Or Two) From Bella & Gigi

Yes, I know that Hadid had her own modeling career, but since this show features moms and their model children, it's only logical for her supermodel offspring to make appearances. It would also be great if their supermodel friends showed up too. Kendall Jenner is a reality TV kid, a supermodel, and Gigi's bestie. I'm just sayin'...

2. A Solid Catchphrase

All of the classic reality show hosts have signature phrases. If Hadid wants her show to have a permanent place in pop culture, the competition isn't enough. She needs a catchphrase to greet the contestants, give them the boot, or whatever else makes sense to say so she can really make her mark.

3. An Expert Panel Of Judges

Sure, Hadid will bring in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fandom as viewers, but we need more than that to take the show seriously. She needs to get the top photographers, casting directors, designers, models, and managers to share their opinions and make elimination decisions.

4. A Diverse Group Of Models

It would be way more interesting (and relatable) to watch a show with models of all shapes, sizes, and genders instead of a search focused on looking for one specific "type" of model.

5. A Dramatic Makeover Episode

A modeling show would not be complete without a dramatic makeover episode. Watching a girl cry over getting her hair cut short or dyed an unconventional color will never get old.

6. An Incorporation Of Social Media

Let's be honest, the modeling game has changed. Discovering models walking down the street and at casting calls doesn't cut it anymore. Now, many models are also influencers with a presence on social media, so it's only logical to incorporate this into the competition.

7. A Competition For The Momagers

The moms might as well get some manager training (and assessment) while they're present watching over their kids. After all, if a model is hired the manager is a part of that package deal, so they should both be improving their skills.

8. A Lot Of Traveling

One of the best parts of reality TV is watching people take extravagant trips and living vicariously through them. Traveling is also a major aspect of modeling, so it makes perfect sense to include international travel in a modeling competition series.

9. A Winner With A Career After The Show

This is the toughest thing to accomplish, but if Hadid could pull it off she would be a legend. There are so many great reality TV competition shows, but most of the winners disappear after the season finale. Hadid needs to nurture these careers after the show wraps and create a star if she wants to stand out against other reality TV shows.

Hopefully, Hadid takes my thoughts into account. No matter what happens, I know I'll be watching.