The Perks Of Having A Book-Loving BFF

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When you love books, you also love others who love books. It’s only natural to feel a kinship with others who share your fondness for reading. Only other book-lovers understand when you wax poetic about the smell of old novels, or the agony of waiting for the next installment of a series to be released, or how you KNOW it’s “just fiction” but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Of course, just because you love books — and people who also love them — doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate people who just can’t get into reading. It’s not for everyone. Just kidding, you totally believe it’s for everyone, and if your friends hate reading you will never stop trying to recommend something because as J.K. Rowling says, if you hate reading you just haven’t found the right book yet.

But, if you are a total bookworm who is lucky enough to have a BFF who loves books as much as you do, you recognize that this is a precious gift. The two of you probably had an instant bond the moment you saw each other’s shelves. Here are some of the amazing things that happen when you and your BFF both love books.


You Talk About Characters As If They're Real People

You have a long, drawn out conversation about someone with your BFF. You discuss what their future should be, everything about their relationships, and all of your hopes for them. Is this other person a mutual friend? Yes, but by "mutual friend," you mean "fictional character."


You Share Books

One of the best thing about having a book-loving BFF is that you get to raid their shelf. Forget borrowing clothes — you want to borrow all the latest bestsellers.


You Add To Their TBR Pile

Every time you read something amazing, you insist that your BFF has to read it, too (and vice versa). You're always adding to each other's TBR piles, but it's only because you really want to discuss the books with them.


You Obsess Over Authors

You send each other articles about your favorite authors, obsess over their tweets, and imagine what it would be like if she were part of your clique.


You Buy Each Other Book-Related Gifts

It's not difficult to decide what to buy your lit-loving best friend for their birthday or any holiday. They knows what their getting, and it's going to be book-related. You expect the same.


You Argue About What Book Characters You'd Be

You've had a discussion, at one point or another, about which one of you is Elizabeth Bennet and which one of you is Jane (or even Charlotte). You decide that you are both Elizabeth Bennet and leave it at that.


You Go On Book-Themed Adventures

If you read about something amazing in a book, you're definitely going to try and replicate that adventure IRL with your best friend. And they're always down.


You're OK If You Just Sit And Read Together

You don't always have to leave the house to go on an adventure with your fellow bookworms: sometimes, the best adventure is in a book. They understands.


You Forget That You're Not Actually In A Book

There are times when you find yourself thinking of your friendship in terms of chapters and series. You can't always separate between fiction and reality, but your bookworm BFF is the same way, so in the end you're basically in a book anyway.