9 Workwear Upgrades To Get You Firmly Into The Back-To-School Spirit

by Lauren Sharkey
Poetry, & Other Stories

No matter what age you are, the back-to-school feeling creeps in every time September comes around. Instead of panicking about the darker nights and disappearance of summer working hours, why not embrace the new season with a wardrobe refresh? Back-to-school fashion when you're an adult isn't about rules. It's about the freedom to take your old school gear and turn it into the look you dreamed of as a teen.

Those perfectly ironed (or in my case, lovingly creased) shirts no longer have to be plain. Instead, they can be full of frills and ruffles. Jumpers no longer have to be misshapen. They can be stylishly oversized. And skirts no longer have to sit just above the knee. They can be any length you desire.

One of the best parts about growing up is that you have a variety of fabrics to choose from. Say goodbye to itchy, heavy materials and hello to luxurious knits and flowing silhouettes. Loud and proud prints are finally allowed too thanks to relaxed office dress codes.

If you want to relive your school days (but in an upgraded kind of way), the high street has got just the ticket. From a 2019 take on the cardigan to corduroy that you'll actually want to wear, these are the looks that you'll love forever — rather than look back on in horror.