9 Things You Should Be Doing In The Bathroom

When an article tells me that I should or shouldn't be doing something, I like to take it at face value. Before I change any habits, you better believe I'm going to do my research. This is especially true when it comes to things you should be doing in the bathroom, because frankly, the bathroom is my sanctuary. I'm not going to switch up my morning routine just because someone with a blog said that exfoliation is dangerous.

That being said, I'm a big fan of science, and that's ultimately what pushed me to take classes in nutrition and holistic health. Much to my surprise, those classes covered hygiene and inedible products as much as they covered nutrition and edible ones. According to tons of new research about the dangers of antibacterials, it turns out that we might be headed in the wrong direction — in sanitizing everything from our skin to our underarms, we may be doing our bodies more harm than good.

This is the type of in-depth research that ultimately forced me to change my bathroom routine. I learned that there are safe ways to minimize germs and mildew, and there are some things that my body can take care of entirely on its own. Some products are wonderful advancements, and others need to be dialed back a bit. Check out these scientifically-backed things that you should be doing in the bathroom, and the products that can help.


Letting Your Skin Bacteria Flourish

Mother Dirt Biome Friendly Face and Body Cleanser, $14, Amazon

Your body has a natural microbiome of bacteria (both good and bad), and the good helps keep the bad in check. Most antibacterial soaps and chemical-filled lotions wipe out both, though, leaving your skin vulnerable to odors and infection. Mother Dirt Biome Friendly Face and Body cleanser is a gentle soap that removes dirt and excess oil while respecting the healthy bacteria that protects your skin. I's extra gentle, hypoallergenic, and helps skin become clearer and more moisturized entirely on its own.


Minimizing Mildew In Your Shower

pureGLO Body Konjac Sponges, $12, Amazon

Dermatologists say that loofahs are a breeding ground for bacteria and infection, as they have tons of nooks and crannies that hold onto dead skin, harbor moisture, and encourage the growth of mildew. pureGLO Body Konjac Sponges are made from eco-friendly konjac root fibers, which are naturally more antimicrobial than synthetic materials. This set comes with two body-sized sponges — activated charcoal and original — which gently exfoliate and dry quickly on the included suction cup hooks.


Moisturizing Directly After A Shower (Without Harmful Toxins)

Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion, $13, Amazon

Your skin is at its most porous after a shower, as heat and moisture cause pores to open wide. It's the best time to moisturize, but all those harmful ingredients in your lotion are getting absorbed, too. Puracy organic hand & body lotion is an incredible, unscented, and natural moisturizer made with stuff like shea butter and aloe. Reviewers are thrilled because it's non-greasy, absorbs easily, and leaves skin feeling baby smooth without any irritations or breakouts.


Pooping The Correct Way

Squatty Potty Bathroom Stool, $23, Amazon

What? Yes. Research has found that raising the legs while pooping allows the anorectal angle to straighten, so waste can evacuate without strain. The Squatty Potty bathroom stool lets you poop the way evolution intended it — comfortably and in a squatting position. It's made of durable and easy to clean plastic, it fits up against any standard toilet, and reviewers say it's never been easier to go.


Sanitizing Your Toothbrush

Violife Toothbrush Sanitizer, $40, Amazon

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Manchester, the average toothbrush contains 10 million germs, including E. coli and staphylococci. This Violife Toothbrush Sanitizer holds four toothbrushes at a time (including electric toothbrush heads) and uses a UV light to kill 99.9 percent of germs in just ten minutes. It's also got a translucent safety cap that glows, so you know when it's working.


Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Often

Dream Beauty Box Makeup Cleaner, $13, Amazon

The bacteria and old makeup that's hanging around on unwashed makeup brushes could just be contributing to breakouts, clogged pores, and infections. This Dream Beauty Box makeup cleaner set comes with a deep-cleaning silicone heart glove with a variety of textures to clean any of your brushes without damage. It also has a quick color change sponge that allows you to switch colors without switching brushes, and it absorbs all excess makeup without wetting your tools.


Saving Money On Razors

Razor-Man Razor Blade Sharpener, $15, Amazon

If you use razors, you know how miserable it is to us a dull blade, but so is spending loads of money on new ones every week. The Razor-Man blade sharpener uses a special board that cleans and bends old razors back into place, so they glide against your skin like new. It also doubles as a handy travel case that keeps your razors dry and safe from damage in between uses, which prevents oxidation — the scientific reason your blades deteriorate as quickly as they do.


Using A Deodorant That Allows You To Sweat

Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla Deodorant, $15, Amazon

Sweating is a natural function that cools you down, cleans out your pores, and expels toxins, but antiperspirants use aluminum to clog up your glands, stopping this essential function from happening. Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla deodorant uses natural ingredients that absorb excess moisture and eliminate odors, all without aluminum, phthalates, parabens, and propylene-glycol. "I have used endless natural deodorants... none of which truly worked," says one reviewer. "AT LAST!!! I have found the miracle I have been searching for."


Skipping The Sulfates And Parabens

Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, $26, Amazon

Parabens and sulfates are ingredients that have been used in beauty products since the '50s, but they've recently been linked to things like cancer, skin sensitivities, and irritations. They also dry out your hair and contributes to frizz and breakage.

Art Naturals argan oil shampoo and conditioner skips both and instead uses nutrient-rich natural ingredients to cleanse and heal without stripping. "I have always had dry hair and scalp issues, but after using the shampoo and conditioner a few times a week my hair has never felt or looked better," says one reviewer. "It also feels like my hair is not only thicker but also more voluminous."

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