Mandy Harvey Is A Deaf Singer & These Videos Of Her Singing Will Make You Cry

Trae Patton/NBC

Mandy Harvey is one of the special acts this season on America's Got Talent, since she combines obvious talent with an inspirational message. Mandy is a jazz singer songwriter who has performed an array of original, heartfelt songs on the show. Her story doesn't come without obstacles, though. As explained during her audition for the show, Mandy Harvey lost her hearing suddenly, while studying vocal music education in college. Though she's now deaf, Mandy rediscovered her love for singing, and uses vibrations on the stage to "hear" the music when she performs using visual tuners and muscle memory. Mandy didn't pop out of nowhere, though, she's been working towards her dream for quite some time. And, videos of Mandy Harvey singing display the America's Got Talent star's raw talent.

Mandy's personal website shows that she released multiple albums before ever appearing on the America's Got Talent stage. AGT is the largest platform she's ever had, but Mandy has been pursuing her dream for years now. Thanks to her tireless efforts and a budding career before the show, there are an array of videos of her singing that fans can listen to. The videos show that while the show may have heightened her reach, Mandy was well on her way to becoming a successful musician before she stepped on that AGT stage.

1. "The Song Is You" (2012)

In a major throwback, this original song is from Mandy's second album After You've Gone. While she now sings both pop and jazz, her roots leaned heavily into jazz music. Her gentle and skilled vocals have remained the same, no matter what genre she chooses to sing.

2. "Green Christmas" (2015)

Mandy posted this video of her singing "Green Christmas," a humorous play on "White Christmas." Mandy is from Florida originally, according to the caption for the video, so Christmas to her is warm and green. The fun take on a popular Christmas song showcases not only her stellar vocals, but also her sense of humor.

3. "Try" (2015)

Mandy isn't just a singer, she's a motivational speaker and works with a variety of charities. She's an ambassador for the non-profit No Barriers and performed at her original song "Try" at their summit, which she would later use as her audition song for America's Got Talent.

4. "The Script" (2015)

Here's an interesting duet! Mandy performed on the Steve Harvey Show with Derek Amato, who after hitting his head and becoming concussed, woke up with "spontaneous musical skills." According to NPR, Derek had never trained as a pianist but can now play the piano with talent and ease. The two worked on a track entitled "The Script," which they performed together in this video from 2015.

5. "Butterfly Kisses & Get Well Wishes" (2016)

Mandy posted another original song to her YouTube page called "Butterfly Kisses & Get Well Wishes." The song was in honor of The Guardian Brain Foundation, an organization that supports children and adults suffering from brain injuries and tumors.

6. "Over The Rainbow" (2016)

Mandy performed "Over The Rainbow" at an Invisible Disabilities Association event. She spoke and sang the classic song, but included the audience in the performance, having them play along on kazoos.

7. "What A Wonderful World" (2016)

Mandy returned to the 2016 Invisible Disabilities Association gala, this time with a full band, preforming her take on the classic "What A Wonderful World." Mandy consistently showcases her ability to perform not only creative original numbers, but classic hits with the same impeccable skill.

8. "At Last" (2017)

After the America's Got Talent stage pushed her center stage into a national spotlight, Mandy performed at The Kennedy Center, singing the Etta James' classic "At Last." Mandy made the song her own, showing exactly why she got that AGT golden buzzer.

9. "Smile" (2017)

At The Kennedy Center, Mandy also performed the Nat King Cole song "Smile," which she said kept her going at her lowest point as a reminder that she would eventually get through to the other side of her struggles.

Mandy is an undeniable talent and a force to be reckoned with on America's Got Talent. She's headed to the finals but win or lose, she's got a bright career ahead of her.