9 Ways To Bring The Velvet Trend Into Your Home Without Buying A Sofa


Velvet: it's a fabric that may make the words 'luxurious,' 'decadent,' and 'expensive,' spring to mind. It's also a material that can be pretty divisive. Around for decades, velvet can feel a little old fashioned, often being associated with old money or older generations. But velvet has certainly had a revival in recent years, and it's absolutely everywhere on the high street right now. These nine velvet homeware pieces will add a touch of modern class to any home, and amp up the levels of luxury and decadence, without looking tired or old fashioned.

In 2020, retro glamour has been back in abundance, and velvet certainly feeds into this overarching umbrella trend with ease. The best thing about velvet is that you can incorporate it into your home in any way you choose, be it subtly or on a mass scale. For example, you can kit out your home in velvet rugs, furniture, and bed spreads for maximum impact. Or if you're still not sure about the trend, you can start smaller and slower, with things like accessories, cushions, and even (much to my delight when I found it), a velvet record player.

So jump into the world of plush velvet, get cosy, and feel expensive, with these top nine high street buys.