9 Delicious Ways To Celebrate World Nutella Day
by Kendall Wood
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Creamy, smooth chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella made its debut more than 50 years ago. Despite its deliciousness and the widespread Nutella culture it has inspired, this spreadable love started shaking up the market and attracting all kinds of suitors only about a decade ago. The combination of just a handful of fresh ingredients including cocoa, hazelnut, and sugar has classified Nutella in a food category of its own: more delectable than a nut spread, more versatile than a fruit spread, and more indulgent than most confections.

To celebrate the beloved spread that pairs well with any meal, February 5 has officially been deemed World Nutella Day. First initiated in 2007 by American blogger living in Italy, Sara Russo, the celebrations of World Nutella Day have spread far and wide over time, "spreading the love" all over the world. There are various ways to indulge in Nutella, but there's only one day to take your love to the next level.

How will you celebrate World Nutella Day? Here are 9 recipes and activities to make the most of February 5 — and, you know, every other day of the year. Because while today is World Nutella Day, I think we can agree it's always Nutella Day in our hearts.

Nutella-Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars

Cheesecake, peanut butter, and Nutella? Say no more. Pair Nutella with your best cheesecake recipe and get creative with some peanut butter; the recipe from Inside Bru Crew Life is spot-on. You can't mess this one up.

Eat Nutella Out Of The Jar In A Public Place

This one begins with heading to the store for a large jar of the good stuff, and ends with you eating the whole thing. Can't eat dairy? Make some at home with this easy recipe from Brown-Eyed Baker.

Take your Nutella friend to the Brooklyn Bridge, sit on the lawn in Central Park, climb to the top of Runyon Canyon, or wear a bikini on Venice Beach. Whatever scenario, make it better with a spoonful of Nutella.

Nutella Mug Cake

If you find yourself home alone with a helping of Sunday scaries on February 5, get your butt to the kitchen and fix yourself a large, individual helping of this Nutella Mug Cake from The Comfort Of Cooking. You won't regret it, and you'll be happier for at least the 30 seconds it takes you to eat it.

Write A Song About How Much You Love Nutella And Post It On Instagram

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Everyone loves Nutella — that's a given. But what makes your love for Nutella so special? How do you know you love Nutella more than anyone else loves Nutella? Would you marry Nutella if you could? Tell the world about it in a song. It can be short, long, melancholy, or romantic, just get it out there. Keeping your feelings repressed is only hurting you from the inside out.

Nutella White Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is a classic made better with an original. You won't find warm, gooey Nutella White Chocolate Chip Cookies that taste as good as the satisfaction of making them yourself and chomping down on the first bite. Go ahead; surprise yourself. This recipe from Averie Cooks is a home run.

Have A Bake-Off With Your Closest Friends

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Nutella goes by the motto "Spread the love," because that's exactly what this stuff does: You spread it on your pairing of choice, and when you choose not to selfishly eat it all to yourself, you typically share it with the people who matter most. Call a meeting, a gathering of Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors, and let the bake-off commence. The more people, the more treats. The more treats, the happier you.

Nutella Brownies

Your best friend might argue that her mom's brownies are the best, and all these years, you've agreed: They're pretty unbeatable. That was before. This is now. These Nutella Brownies from The Kitchn have it in them to knock the competition out of the running.

Nutella Donuts

Move aside, every donut place in the world. There's nothing dreamier than these Nutella Donuts from Damn Delicious. You can pop one; you can pop many. You can drizzle on the Nutella; you can fully submerge one donut after the next. Just do it.

Go On A Hunt To Find The Best Bakeries With Nutella Treats

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Bakeries around the world have long caught on the Nutella craze, and the ones who believe in the power of the chocolate hazelnut spread have risen above the rest, making their Nutella baked goods their top sellers. Seek out the best bakeries in your area with Nutella must-haves, and make a day of it – one after the other.

No matter how you choose to spend World Nutella Day on February 5, do it with a smile on your face and love in your heart – because that's what Nutella is all about.