9 Ways To Protect Yourself From Mercury Retrograde This Summer

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Sunscreen protects us from the fiery UV rays of the hot summer sun. But it's not just our shoulders that need protecting. Mercury is turning retrograde in the beginning of July and emotions might need some spiritual shades. There are ways to protect yourself from Mercury Retrograde in summer 2019 so you don't feel the planetary burn.

From Jul. 7 to Jul. 31, Mercury will be returning to its retrograde motion. Before you duck and cover, remember that you have survived each and every Mercury retrograde you've faced before. When the planet of communication enters this transit, it notoriously interferes with technology and travel. Emails get lost in the pixels, and vacation flights get delayed.

But all is not lost. Your summer vacation itinerary will not fray under the affects of Mercury retrograde. Being prepared by knowing when to expect the retrograde is step number one. "Keeping track of Mercury retrograde periods can allow you to increase your productivity and avoid at least some of the frustration they can bring about," astrology legend Susan Miller wrote on Astrology Zone. It's all about planning. Protecting yourself against the affects of Mercury retrograde is all in the details — where the affects are.

Back Up Your Computer

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Mercury retrograde is no joke when it comes to technological interference. Your documents might shut down when you're in the middle of a brilliant thought. Force quitting applications might be an obnoxious but regular occurrence. Besides saving everything you're working on constantly — and I cannot stress that enough, ~constantly~ — back up your computer!

Avoid Petty Mistakes

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Who spills coffee on their keyboard? Me. I do. I did. And let me tell you something, it is an avoidable frustration. Annoying little mishaps like this can happen during the retrograde period. Keep liquids away from your computer. Free up space and be conscious of what you're doing, when you're doing it. Even if it's as mindless as raising a mug of coffee to your mouth.

Don't Sign Contracts

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Avoid signing contracts during Mercury's retrograde, because information can be withheld or not uncovered until Mercury turns direct. Negotiations are best settled before Mercury's retrograde or after. The period lasts only about three weeks, so if you can wait to put pen to paper, it's advised that you do!


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Traffic is clogging all roadways. Your computer is taking its sweet bippy time to load. You can't quite articulate how you're feeling. E-mails are getting crossed. And phone tag is the name of the game. It can be overwhelming. Take a step back to meditate. Meditations specifically for Mercury retrograde will help keep you maintain composure.

Quadruple Check Everything

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Double check? OK. Triple check? Better. Quadruple check? Necessary. Before embarking on travel make sure that you're lodging is set up and confirmed. Make sure the car you rented isn't manual when you can only drive automatic. It doesn't hurt to check, confirm, check and confirm again. The same can be said for e-mails. Before sending anything off to co-workers or friends, make sure the details are correct. Read and re-read your work!

Make Big Decisions Before Or After


Because information can be murky during Mercury retrograde, it's advised to not make any big decisions during the transit. Take this time to reflect upon the information you have gathered from the past to inform what to make of a situation once Mercury turns direct.

Practice Self Care

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The retrograde transit asks us to slow down. Things from our past are dredged up from the depths. Take a breather. Take a seat if your past comes to visit you, don't run and hide. Do something in the present that's for you. Be nice to yourself!

Think Before You Speak

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When communicating with anybody from your best friend to your co-worker to your boss to the cashier at the grocery store, think before you blab. Mercury rules communications and with the planet in retrograde motion, your head could become cloudy. Things could come out wrong or across the opposite of how you intended. Don't rush anything. Think about your sentiments, take some time to reflect and then speak.

Have A Plan B

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If your big summer vacation lands in the middle of Mercury's retrograde, don't cancel the getaway! Sure, there may be hiccups along the way, but you'll be prepared with a Plan B. Know where other car rental facilities are should the one you rented from actually doesn't have a car for you. Research your surroundings so you're not scrambling on vacation!