7 Meditations To Help You Keep Your Cool This Mercury Retrograde

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Dun, dun, dun — it's back! That's right my friendlies, the first Mercury retrograde of the year begins Mar. 5 in Pisces, and things are about to get hella complicated. If you want to head off the bajiggity energy at the pass, there are some meditations for Mercury retrograde March 2019 that can help keep you level headed when everything feels like it's going sideways. According to Darkstar Astrology, because Neptune is also in Pisces during Mercury retrograde, which it really not Neptune's jam, you might be more accident prone. Proceed with caution.

In addition, you could find yourself speaking without considering how your comments will land. "Those with a fiery disposition might have to rein themselves back from barking out sermons like a demented preacher," Darkstar Astrology noted. Because meditation helps make space in your brain, it can allow you to take a beat before saying the first thing that pops into your head, making it a powerful self-awareness tool to use during Mercury retrograde (and every day). Because once the words leave your mouth, you can't take them back.

"Carve out time for reflection and contemplation. Mercury retrograde is less about taking action than taking the appropriate time to consider your options. This is an amazing time to brush up on your meditation skills," Haley Melikian wrote for Den Meditation. Ready to get started? Try these seven meditations for Mercury retrograde March 2019.


Mercury Retrograde Guided Meditation

If Mercury retrograde has you feel anxious AF, this 17-minute Mercury retrograde meditation from Wild Spiral Arts can help restore some calm to your over-burdened brain. It calls in your spiritual guides, encourages you to breathe out tension, and breathe in peace.


Mercury Retrograde Healing Meditation

This Mercury retrograde meditation from healii, which uses binaural beats, sounds pretty cool. "Binaural beats are pairings of audio frequencies designed to help you target-treat specific physical and mental conditions, helping you meditate more effectively and enjoy a greater sense of well being," healii explained on YouTube. "This meditation is designed using Mercury’s orbital frequency of 141.27 Hz as the carrier tone. The binaural beat is 12 Hz, which is associated with the throat chakra — improving communication and clarity. 12 Hz is also associated with the lungs, vocals chords, and expression in society, mental stability, and mental clarity." Basically, it can help you with that whole talking-out-turn thing.


Mercury Retrograde Mini Mediation

If you only have a few minutes, and you want to center yourself before a meeting, conversation or situation that's making you feel bajiggity during Mercury retrograde, this mini meditation from Amy Hedman is exactly what you need. At just four minutes, it's short enough that you can sneak it in any time you need to hit the reset button.


Mercury Retrograde Clearing Meditation

Mercury retrograde is an ideal time to clear the cobwebs from your brain. This Mercury retrograde clearing meditation from Ascension NXT is designed to help you relax and avoid feeding into the fears surrounding Mercury retrograde March 2019.


Mantra Meditation for Mercury Retrograde

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If you want to harness the energy of Mercury retrograde March 2019 instead of running from it, consider trying a mantra meditation. Mantra meditations can help raise your energetic vibration so you can better manifest what you want. "There is a Sanskrit mantra for Mercury, which you can chant as a heartfelt, reverent connection to the divine personality that is Mercury," Anandra George, mantra teacher and musician explained on her website True Freedom Coaching.

"Through direct vibrational connection via the mantra, we can begin to understand the role that Mercury’s unique energy plays in the grand scheme of things. Ultimately, we can lift up to the higher perspective to see the movement of the spheres rather than falling victim to an apparent retrograde." She suggests two mantras for Mercury retrograde, which you can read more about on her website. Auṁ Buṁ Buddhāya Namaḥ, the main Mercury (Buddha) mantra, and Ādityāya ca Somāya Mangalāya Buddhāya ca Guru Śukra Śanibhyaśca Rāhave Ketave Namaḥ.


Mercury Retrograde Hypnosis/Guided Meditation

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LuxeLifeHypnosis offers a Mercury retrograde hypnosis and guided meditation to help you shift your perspective. "Often when people think of Mercury Retrograde, they think of the worst — they dread and sometimes fear it. But it doesn’t have to be like that — it’s all about your perspective and how you choose to use that time. Mercury retrograde really is a gift from the universe. It is a time of 'Re' — a time to RE-evaluate, RE-focus, and RE-flect — So that when we come out of Mercury retrograde you can take on the world in full force and it the best way possible," LuxeLifeHypnosis explained on Sound Cloud, which is where you can access this meditation and hypnosis session.


Mercury Meditation: Positive Affirmations & Powerful Thoughts

Want to bring more positivity into your life? This Mercury retrograde positive affirmation meditation from Vedic Life Coach can help you focus on abundance instead of lack. While focusing on the positive can help you feel better, changing how you approach your thoughts and your life also requires a little more work.

According to Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., speaker, psychologist and author, doing these three things every day can help you change your perspective, which can also help your survive Mercury retrograde March 2019. "Helping others: Something as simple as holding a door for someone at the grocery store," Lombardo explained on her blog. "Thanking others: A genuine thank you can improve a mood immediately. Complimenting others: Appreciation is easy to give and nice to receive."


How To Survive Mercury Retrograde Like A Boss

Basically, the best way to survive Mercury retrograde March 2019 is to slow down, think before you act, and practice small acts of kindness every day. "If a retrograde period feels particularly stressful, it’s probably because we’re not slowing down long enough to fully grasp the lesson. As human beings we seem to only love change when we can control the outcome of that change, but when has being a control freak ever really been a good thing?" astrologer Mecca Woods wrote for I AM & CO. The bottom line is that while people tend to dread Mercury retrograde, it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom.