9 Weird Dog Accessories That Will Actually Make Your Life Easier

For as long as there have been dogs around humans, there have probably been silly dog accessories. Some of the dogs in Renaissance paintings are wearing exceptionally strange clothing. But the modern age has a thriving industry of weird dog accessories that look absurd while serving an actual purpose for improving your dog's existence. Some are extremely high-tech — from GPS trackers to automated fetch-playing robots — while others are old-fashioned in the extreme (dog food cookbooks!), but they've all got proven value for dog welfare.

There are some bizarre-but-useful dog items out there that are restricted purely to smaller breeds — this K9 dog "backpack" for carrying snow-averse small animals is an example — but this guide is as breed-inclusive as possible, so all these products can be used or adjusted to suit all canine sizes, from Rottweiler to chihuahua. If you're unsure about a product and how it might fit into your life, it's always sensible to consult your vet, particularly if it has anything to do with your dog's health or diet. And be realistic; if an item seems to be too bizarre to be true, or claims to make your dog into Lassie in five goes, it's probably taking you for a bit of a ride (or a walk).