9 Things You Aren’t Doing Right Before Bed But Should Be

by Taylor Fuller
Ashley Batz / Bustle

If your nighttime routine is limited to washing your face, brushing your teeth, and then hitting the sheets, you’re not making the most your evening. There are a few simple, yet essential things you should be doing right before bed that will help you sleep better, wake up more refreshed, and get your morning off to a smoother start.

Health professionals agree that while there are a lot of things you definitely shouldn’t be doing before bed like sipping on a caffeinated beverage or gazing into the blue light of your electronics, there are also a ton of things you should be doing that probably never crossed your mind. For instance if stretching was something you save for the gym, you may want to think again. Loosening up your muscles before bed will help you sleep better and wake up rejuvenated. And the same goes for your mind. Taking the time to mentally unwind could help you avoid those 2 a.m. stress sessions.

And while some of these bedtime rituals may seem innocuous or even a little weird they can lead to an easier night's sleep and more energized morning. So instead of binge-watching another season of your favorite show, switch up your evening with these exercises in self-care and you might be pleasantly surprised at how it can transform your life.


Set The Scene

Anton Aroma Best Essential Oil Diffuser, $25, Amazon

Create a relaxing environment with an aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils. This one has a timer that allows you to set it to turn off once drifted to sleep. It’s super quiet and has an ambient light that helps you relax.


Release Stress

Zensufu Back Pain Relief Acupressure Massage Mat and Neck Pillow Set, $30, Amazon

Your body can hold a whole lot of tension if you’re feeling stressed out before bed. A great way to relieve that stress is by using an acupressure mat and pillow. By laying down on the mat for twenty minutes before bed, you’ll reduce aches, pain, stress, and tension. Plus using it actually improves your quality of sleep and your overall mood and energy.



One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, $14, Amazon

Before you close your eyes and drift off to sleep, scrawl down a few words to reflect on your day and get things off your mind. This journal is different from your typical one because it gives you a chance to revisit your thoughts over five years. There are 365 daily entry pages with five sections on each page, each representing a different year so you can see how your life has progressed and revisit old memories.


Stretch it Out

The Original Stretch Out Strap, $16, Amazon

Whether you’re a hardcore athlete or not, stretching is important — especially before bed (so you don’t wake up feeling tight or sore). Increase circulation and improve flexibility with a stretching strap. The easy to use nylon strap has 10 different loops to offer you different stretches. The strap comes with a list of exercises so you can get the most out of it.


Prep Your Morning Coffee

Gosh! DRIPO Cold Brew Portable Barista Iced Coffee Maker, $25, Amazon

Making your coffee the night before won’t just save you money, it will save you precious time. Brew your own coffee the night before with this simple slow drip cold brew maker. The portable, spill-proof container doubles as a mug and makes a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee, every time.


Relax Your Eyes

Petitfee Black Pearl And Gold Hydrogel Eyepatch, $11, Amazon

What could be more hydrating or luxurious than a gold eye mask treatment before bed? Moisturize skin and get a jump on fighting puffy and tired eyes by indulging in a quick eye mask while you’re reading a book before you go to sleep. These thin patches help get rid of dark under eye circles while smoothing out skin before you go to bed, so you don’t have them when you wake up.


Moisturize Skin Thoroughly

Corsx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask, $14, Amazon

You may not be taking advantage of the time you spend sleeping. Sure, your body is resting, but what’s going on with your skin? Deeply moisturize skin with this Korean beauty overnight mask. It’s made with nourishing rice to brighten hydrate, and even out skin tone — all while you sleep.


Soothe Your Feet

Relaxzen Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat, $35, Amazon

Your feet deserve a break after a busy day and a soothing foot massage is the perfect way to end it. This massager is easy to use and provides relief to fatigued feet. It has two different massage directions and heats up for the ultimate relaxing treatment so you can feel great before you hop into bed.


Freshen Your Pillow And Fall Asleep Faster

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $29, Amazon

Did you know that something as simple as spraying something relaxing on your pillow could help you fall asleep faster? This aromatherapy pillow spray is made with lavender, vetivert, and wild chamomile. The ingredients work together to create a relaxing scent that reduces anxiety, help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep all night long so you can wake up feeling your best.

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