9 Amazing Sex Toys You Can Actually Buy On Amazon

Bustle / Ashley Batz

You can really buy anything on Amazon these days. It's your one-stop shop for toiletries, kitchen tools, and yes, sex toys. Instead of just buying books or affordable face masks, you can also get amazing sex toys on Amazon. Some of the more interesting ones are a little weird. They're comprised of odd shapes that might not seem intuitive, and have features you may have never heard of, but you'll be surprised how these seemingly unconventional gadgets are actually game-changers in the bedroom.

Yes, the standard vibrator has been getting the job done for a long time, and if that's what's in your underwear drawer, good on you. That being said, what's the point of innovative technology if we're not going to use it for personal pleasure? The internet has been seriously upping its game as far as genius sex toys and new pleasurable designs, and Amazon has a wonderful mix of it all.

Whether you're looking for oral simulation or a vibrator that bends to fit you perfectly, you'll find it on Amazon. Best of all, it gets delivered straight to your door in a discreet brown box. Yeah, it might take you a second to find out where it goes, but tons of reviewers swear that it's infinitely better than its basic Rabbit predecessors.

The Innovative Toy That Uses Waves Instead Of Vibrations

Satisfyer Pro Penguin, $54, Amazon

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is an innovative toy that uses wave-like sensations for clitoral stimulation instead of the standard vibrations. It's got 11 different patterns, rechargeable batteries, and has reviewers saying, "So uh, WOW! Never gonna use any other toy now. A+++."

This Flat And Flexible Toy That's Good For All Kinds Of Pleasures

IMTOY Zoo Series Manta Vibrator, $49, Amazon

What the hell does one do with a flat vibrator? Fans of the IMTOY Zoo Series Manta vibrator agree—you can do a lot with this thing. It can be hooked up to an app via Bluetooth for voice, video, music, and kinetic interaction. It can be used as a flexible stroker or placed between couples during intercourse, and people are loving the textured surface and rechargeable USB design. "Whoever made this design must be a genius," says one reviewer. "My wife and I can't stop playing this new toy."

Three Penis Rings Are Better Than One

Lynk Pleasure Products Loop Penis Rings (3 pack), $11, Amazon

Lynk Pleasure Products Loop penis rings come in a set of three, and reviewers find that all are useful: "I realized that I enjoy using each of these. Each size really changes the feel and amount of blood flow." Since they're ultra-stretchy and comfortable, you can use all three on many different parts of the penis, including the testicles.

This Odd Fan-Like Toy For Clitoral Stimulation

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Massager, $33, Amazon

The Lovehoney Sqweel Go rechargeable massager has a rotating fan-like design with soft silicone blades that are meant to simulate oral sex. It has three speeds and five patterns to stimulate the clitoris, and reviewers are saying, "Easily my favorite new toy."

This Flexible Vibrator That Doubles As A Spanking Paddle

Slaphappy Vibrator, $15, Amazon

The Slaphappy vibrator got its start on crowdfunding platforms and became an immediate favorite because of its versatility and power. It's made from flexible, bendable silicone so you can pose it in any position you want. Customize it to your preference for both internal and external stimulation, and even use it to spank your partner.

This Small Toy That Helps You Do Your Kegels

Joy ON Kegel Exerciser with Vibration, $70, Amazon

This unique exerciser can help you in a number of ways. Developed to help tighten your pelvic floor muscle, this silicone toy feels great and comes with four massage modes. It connects via Bluetooth into a free app that can help you track your Kegel training in real time. Best of all, since it's waterproof (and BPA and phthalate free), you can take it with you just about anywhere.

This Vibrating Heated Cup To Simulate Oral For The Penis

Utimi Vibrating Penis Cup, $39, Amazon

Believe it or not, the Utimi vibrating cup is one of the only vibrating massagers out there for the penis. The inside is made of soft, textured silicone to simulate oral, and it's also got an interior motor and heat function. "This thing is OUTSTANDING!" says one reviewer. "I am buying another one to put away so when I wear the first one out, I'll switch to the new one."

This Couples' Massager That You Wear During Intercourse

Intimina Kalia Couples' Massager, $59, Amazon

Made of ultra-soft body safe silicone and created with a flexible curved design, the Intimina Kalia couples' massager is worn during intercourse to stimulate both partners at once. The larger part goes inside to stimulate the G-spot while the smaller part vibrates against the clitoris, and it's waterproof and USB rechargeable for two full hours of use.

This Vibrator With A Camera Takes Photos While Inside Of You

SVAKOM Camera Vibe, $99, Amazon

If you ever wanted to know what the inside of an orifice looks like, you're not alone. This SVAKOM camera vibe has incredible reviews and tons of buyers because of its HD camera and LED lights that allow you to take video and pictures inside of you. It's also got 26 different frequencies and hooks up to your laptop so you can watch.

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